Stephen Colbert Booked Anthony Scaramucci For The Late Show, For Real

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For just about all of 2017, CBS' The Late Show has featured Stephen Colbert giving extended monologues about Washington D.C.'s political circus, but so far, he hasn't gotten to sit down with too many people that he's slammed. (Especially compared to the guests he'd get at The Colbert Report.) But thesatire-loving host was oh-so-happy to announce yesterday that former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci will be stopping by for a face-to-face Late Show interview next week. It's Mooch Time!

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Anthony Scaramucci is, without a doubt, one of the more bafflingly intriguing players in Donald Trump's still-early reign as the POTUS, with a finance-based career complementing years of supporting largely Democratic candidates and ideals. (Not entirely, of course, but he was also very vocal against Trump during his campaign trail.) And during the Mooch's extremely brief tenure as Communications Director, Stephen Colbert stuck to him like a hawk, which was fairly easy to do, since Scaramucci is quite the outspoken guy. Which would seemingly make for an uncomfortable interview that Scaramucci wouldn't want to get tangled with. (Colbert's warning to the censors may not be sourced entirely as a joke.)

Especially since this will be his first live TV interview since being removed from his White House duties. But considering he lost the job as a result of an interview -- a particularly all-over-the-place talk with Ryan Lizza of The New York Times during a scathing phone call -- perhaps this is Scaramucci's way of reversing some of the public opinions made about him during his time in Donald Trump's administration. He's not the person Colbert will be able to just talk over, either, so this should be quite the interesting chat, however it gets angled.

Stephen Colbert doesn't always break out the microphone to show off his singing voice, but he did just that when Scaramucci was ousted, as seen below. One can only hope the two will take part in a duet at some point during the interview.

The Late Show has been doing solidly in the ratings recently, and just last week, it won the late night viewership by its biggest margin ever, which came out to over 900,000 viewers. And bringing Anthony Scaramucci to the show at this point could be a gigantic ratings win for Stephen Colbert and CBS.

So don't forget to tune into The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS on Monday, August 14, at 11:35 p.m. ET, to see Anthony Scaramucci and late night's biggest finger-wagger going mouth to mouth, so to speak. To see what else is hitting the small screen in the coming months, head to our summer premiere schedule and our fall premiere schedule.

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