Why Arrow's Prometheus Was Such An Effective Villain, According To The Actor

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There are few fans of Arrow who dispute that Prometheus was the greatest villain the series has seen in awhile, and who better to explain why that is than the man who played him? Prometheus actor Josh Segarra recently weighed in on why he thought Adrian Chase was such an effective villain at a panel during Dragon Con 2017, and his answer can be read below:

I think what made Chase a fun character to play is he had one mission, it wasn't complicated, it didn't get muddled, and he has been plotting this for years. The dude went through law school just to kill someone. He's a fantastic lawyer! That's all secondary.

Josh Segarra makes a valid point in his response to Arrow fans in noting Adrian Chase went to a lot of trouble to really screw up Oliver's life. While the law school point does drive it home, it completely excludes the part where he obsessively researched The Hood to discover he was Oliver Queen, trained under Talia Al Ghul to learn the skills of the League Of Assassins, and obtained his weapons in police lockup to effectively emulate him. All that said, if successfully completing the Bar Exam is as hard as the non-practicing law public has been lead to believe, all that was probably a walk in the park in comparison!

Josh Segarra's response was actually part of a larger question asked by an Arrow fan wanting to know why Prometheus mentioned Felicity in his final moments. The question specifically referred to the scene in the Season 5 finale in which Prometheus mentioned Felicity just before he shot himself in the head and caused Lian Yu to explode with Team Arrow on it. Segarra explains why saying Felicity's name served as one final dagger for Chase to cut Oliver with before ending it all below:

When it came to Felicity I think that he knows that that's the most vulnerable point this man has, you know? It's who he cares about most. It's who I can save until the very end. He went through Susan, tried it, (went) 'eh, next.' Went through the crew, 'eh, NEXT.' Then he got to her. The mission was the one and only, so I think that's what he knew at the end.

Arrow is set to return at a new night and time on The CW October 12th at 9 p.m. ET. Season 6 is already teased to be ripe with change as quite a few are comparing this upcoming season to former hit drama Lost in more ways than one. While The CW is staving off their major returns until October, there are plenty of shows on our fall premiere guide making their debut very shortly. Make sure to bookmark that page in order to stay up to date with all those shows as their premiere dates loom closer, and stick with Cinemablend for all television news.

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