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This Is Us Season 2 is primed to make a fortune, and it's all thanks to advertisers. A recent article on the upcoming season revealed NBC is looking to cash in big on this season in terms of ad buys, and for those wondering how big, it's asking $750,000 for a 30-second spot during the premiere. That's a huge price upgrade from last season, and it only looks as though things will increase as advertisers look to hook fans in between scenes of television's biggest drama.

According to Variety, that $750,000 price tag won't remain, and those looking to purchase ads during the bulk of Season 2 of This Is Us can expect to see a $475,000 average for ad time. That's the kind of price advertisers pay for The Walking Dead on a Sunday night, and a price not far off from the $500,000 price tag averaged by Thursday Night Football. Speaking of which, the show is primed to make an insanely huge payday with an episode following the Super Bowl where one ad slot currently on the market is valued at $1.3 million dollars.

In short, This Is Us is set to become the most profitable scripted series on television. That's a big step up from last season where the show was able to average around $237,910 an ad, which was still pretty impressive. Now, it's leaping past huge shows like The Big Bang Theory up to another level where, according to last year's ad numbers at least, it's in good company with the NFL and The Walking Dead. With that kind of company, This Is Us might rake in enough cash to make Sylvester Stallone a series regular!

Of course, there's always a chance the series could slump in its sophomore season, and if This Is Us starts to rapidly drop fans in Season 2, they may have to lower those prices. That said, what has been shown of Season 2 already looks to be a return to form in what was a magnificent Season 1. There's also the promise the crew has made of finally revealing how Jack died this year, which, if nothing else, will be enough to keep fans engaged if the story isn't as good this time around.

This Is Us will kick off its much anticipated Season 2 Tuesday, September 26th at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. Fans looking for more to get excited about while waiting for the Pearson's return can read about how Randall's family will grow this year, and how two other characters will be seen much more frequently than they were last season. Be sure to stay on top of all great television premiering or returning to television as the fall season approaches by visiting and bookmarking our fall premiere guide.

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