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Adina Porter as Beverly Hope in Cult

Season 7 of American Horror Story has been a polarizing one. Titled Cult, the series picks up the day of the 2016 Presidential Election, and uses the country's response as a reason why some misguided Americans might end up joining an organization of murderous anarchist zombies. As such, many audiences feel a gut reaction to AHS: Cult, and it appears this visceral response will likely continue for the next episode. Because Episode 6 will reportedly feature a mass shooting incident, which will no doubt hit home in the wake of the tragedy in Las Vegas.

News of the scene comes to us from The Wrap, which managed to get a glimpse of Episode 6, entitled "Mid-Western Assassin". The episode will reportedly feature a horrifying mass shooting sequence, in which at least five people will be killed in a public space. The sequence is said to be an ultra stylized, slow motion scene that will both open and close the episode. And to add even more tension to the controversial scenes, it'll take place in a political rally.

With a mass shooting being such a vital plot point for American Horror Story's next episode, it's currently unclear if the network will take any action, given the unfortunate timing of the airdate. Considering it will be just over a week since the horrifying shooting in Las Vegas, there will no doubt be naysayers who think that it's just too soon to watch such gun violence on television. But considering how politically charged Cult has proven itself to be, arguments will also likely be made that representation on television is all the more important.

One thing is clear: the folks over at American Horror Story have yet to take a stand one way or another. The network was yet to reveal whether or not "Mid-Western Assassin" will air normally, or if the decision has been made to postpone its airing. Creator/producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have not made any comments either, which has only increased the buzz and debate revolving around the upcoming episode.

While delaying the airing of AHS: Cult's next episode will disrupt the network's schedule, there is precedent for networks temporarily keeping back sensitive content in the past. Back in 1999, Buffy the Vampire Slayer cancelled the airing of its Season 3 episode "Earshot", following the events of the Columbine Massacre. Just last year Ryan Phillippe's USA drama Shooter delayed its premiere in response to the Sniper attack in Dallas. And this week Netflix announced that its NY Comic-Con panel for The Punisher is cancelled in order to be sensitive to the victims of the Las Vegas attack.

We'll be sure to update you on whether or not FX decides to delay American Horror Story's next episode. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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