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Michael Burnham Sonequa Martin-Green Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

It appears not even exclusive streaming can hold back the success of a Star Trek series, as Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for Season 2, which will air on CBS All Access in 2018. CBS touts the sci-fi show has broken subscription records for its premium service across the board. Here's what we know so far about this new season and the success CBS has celebrated on its streaming platform.

The Season 2 renewal for Star Trek: Discovery comes just six episodes into its 15- episode Season 1. No details are provided as to whether or not Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery would continue to follow main character Michael Burnham, which is a curious thing to note. It could be that CBS is just leaving the story out to avoid any spoilers for Season 1, as the latter half of the series does not conclude until 2018, or it could mean they're considering making the series an anthology. That was the original plan of Bryan Fuller before he departed the series, so it might be possible that CBS is looking into going that direction as they go into Season 2.

That said, reviews surrounding the current plot of the series have been pretty solid, so CBS may be more apt to stay the course and tell another serialized story with Sonequa Martin-Green once again in tow as the show's lead. Switching gears to an anthology might alienate the fans who have grown attached to this show's crazy twists and unique characters, as well as presenting the risk that subscribers would drop out of the service. That definitely doesn't sound like something CBS would strive for, but without seeing the network's plans, it's impossible to say what's in store for the future of Star Trek: Discovery's future episodes.

Along with the renewal, CBS announced that Star Trek: Discovery has been a huge success both critically and commercially, and reports the serialized drama has broken records for subscription rates on their premium streaming service, CBS All Access. While no exact numbers are given, CBS does say the series is responsible for breaking the record for subscriber growth in a single day, week, and month. Without numbers, it's hard to say just how notable those records are, but apparently, CBS was satisfied enough with what they saw to give the show a Season 2 go-ahead. Which is understandable, since the service definitely needs a flagship show like this to build a bigger programming library around.

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Star Trek: Discovery has a fresh episode on the way October 29th at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS All Access. Those Star Trek fans who want to jump in, but don't know whether or not CBS All Access is worth having should check out The Cord Cutter Podcast where we break down all there is to know regarding the service. For more on other great fall programming worth checking out, visit our fall premiere guide.