Watch Danny McBride Aggravate Dale Earnhardt Jr. In Hilarious New Mountain Dew Commercial

Being a spokesperson for a major brand seems like one of the coolest gigs in the world of media. You basically get to be yourself and sign off on a product that you really like. It is a good job, but it looks like it can also get pretty competitive -- which is precisely what happens between Danny McBride and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a hilarious new Mountain Dew commercial. Check out the advertisement below.

If you happen to be a fan of Danny McBride's hit series Eastbound and Down (rest in peace, you delightful TV show), then this Mountain Dew ad should feel tailor-made for you. It is quintessentially McBride, as he uses his well-worn cocky machismo to deliver the laughs while acting as "Dewey Ryder," the replacement for Dale Earnhardt Jr. as Mountain Dew's driver on the NASCAR circuit. Eventually, it becomes pretty clear that Dewey has absolutely no idea what he's doing down there on the track (although he does have a cool stunt double), but it doesn't stop him from stealing the limelight from the real driver and acting like he owns the place.

It is actually nice to see Danny McBride continuing to offer up some solid laughs with this commercial, because his recent work has allowed him to delve into far more nuanced and complex territory as a dramatic actor and creative personality. Not only did he recently play a relatively straight-laced and straight-faced character in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, but he is also one of the key figures behind next year's revamp of the Halloween franchise.

Danny Mcbride Alien Covenant

That said, it is always important to remember where we come from, and it looks like Danny McBride has not lost a step in the realm of good, old-fashioned comedy. He absolutely chews the hell out of the scenery as he gives it to Dale Earnhardt Jr. in this Mountain Dew commercial, and it captures the essence of what has made him a scene-stealer in films like This is the End and Pineapple Express.

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