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Veronica Mars’ Brad Bufanda Has Died At 34

Television is a fun and exciting medium, but it is not exempt from real-life tragedy. An actor best known for his roles on the small screen has died at far too young an age Brad Bufanda of Veronica Mars died on Wednesday, November 1. He was 34 years old at the time of his passing.

Authorities report that Brad Bufanda died of suicide after jumping off of a building in Los Angeles. An official at the Los Angeles coroner's office has stated that a suicide note was found at the scene of the incident, although the contents of the note have not been revealed. Bufanda jumped from a building in the 300 block of South Fuller Avenue, according to Variety. The news of Bufanda's death was confirmed by his manager. His family has expressed a desire for privacy in this difficult time.

Brad Bufanda kicked off his career back in 1995 with an episode of ABC Weekend Specials, and he appeared in a number of other TV projects in subsequent years, including a brief stint of five episodes of the soap opera Days of Our Lives. He really made a name for himself on the small screen in 2004, when he joined the cast of the critically-acclaimed UPN series Veronica Mars.

On Veronica Mars, Brad Bufanda played a character by the name of Felix Toombs, who was a member of the PCH biker gang led by Weevil. He was the right-hand man and closest friend to Weevil in the first and second season before coming to an unfortunate end. He was planning on running away and starting a life with a young woman by the name of Molly Fitzpatrick, whose family did not take well to her relationship with Felix. Poor Felix was ultimately killed by a character looking to get an in with the Fitzpatricks. Felix's death was ultimately avenged by Weevil, but it goes down as one of the most impactful plot points of the series.

Eagle-eyed Veronica Mars fans likely spotted Brad Bufanda in the 2014 Veronica Mars movie, which featured a video tribute at the high school reunion to students who had died. Weevil certainly noticed and was still sad at the fate that had befallen his friend. Brad Bufanda played Felix for ten episodes of the series.

After leaving Veronica Mars in 2006, Brad Bufanda went on to land a role in Cinemax's Co-Ed Confidential. He appeared in 39 episodes of that series. Recently, Bufanda completed filming on two movies: Garlic & Gunpowder and Stan the Man.

Our thoughts and sympathies here at CinemaBlend go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of Brad Bufanda in this difficult time. The reasons behind the tragedy of his death may never be disclosed to the public, but only time will tell.

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