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If you've been paying attention to the world of TV and film production, you'll notice that one fad is dictating the way projects are produced: nostalgia. And with the trend proving very profitable, it seems like just about any movie or TV show could be coming back for a revival. On the small screen we saw this with Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, The X-Files, and Fuller House, and the classic 90s sitcom Roseanne will be the next classic show to return. The original cast is in the midst of filming a new season, and they just got some exciting news from ABC. Namely, that they're going to have a slightly longer season than originally anticipated.

This news comes to us from TV Line, which reports that ABC has ordered one additional episode to the upcoming revival of Roseanne, with the season going from eight episodes to nine. This decision reportedly came after the network liked what they saw on the set of the revival. This should excite the generations of Roseanne fans who are eager to return to the Conners family in Lanford, Illinois. The magic is still there.

News of Roseanne's extended season has the potential to mean big things for the revival. Because considering ABC's apparent excitement over the project, and the cast's ability to slip back into their characters, the possibility of a second season seems all the more real. So it seems plausible that more episodes could occur, if the fandom tunes in once the new season finally hits the small screen.

We'll likely have to wait until Roseanne begins airing its new season before any possible renewal announcement should happen. At least, that's normally how it works. NBC renewed Will and Grace for a second new season before it even debuted on the network, just because the magic in the room was so palpable. ABC certainly seems to be feeling similarly excited about Roseanne, so maybe they'll follow suit.

Then again, Roseanne does have a few very busy cast members who might make this possibility difficult. John Goodman is an acclaimed film star at this point, so he'll probably be the most difficult to nail down. Additionally, Laurie Metcalf usually keeps herself busy with various film and theater projects, and Johnny Galecki is busy with Big Bang Theory. Plus, Sara Gilbert has been a starring cast member of The Talk since its inception, so there are quite a few busy schedules to balance. This is probably why Roseanne is producing such a short season, compared to typical network TV; They're making limited time with the cast work.

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Roseanne is currently set to premiere sometime in Spring 2018, although no official date has been locked down. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch, and check out how many shows have already been cancelled this season.

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