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Warning! The following contains spoilers regarding the latest episode of This Is Us. Read at your own risk!

Tonight's This Is Us was almost all about Kevin as the audience watched the drug-addicted Pearson continue his ride to the bottom. In an episode of boozing and bad decisions, the last thing on Kevin's mind was his phone, which then forced Randall to deliver the episode's biggest twist of the night in person. Before Kevin could confess to his brother that he has a drug problem, he (and the audience) learned Kate had suffered a miscarriage.

It was a twist that few This Is Us fans might expect, especially considering NBC advertised this week to be a Kevin-centric episode. Next week's episode will switch to Kate, and the stage is set for what appears to be Season 2's most emotional episode yet. The day that viewers just saw with Kevin will pick up again from Kate's perspective. For those wondering why the biggest moment from Kevin's episode is a Kate story, This Is Us writer KJ Steinberg mentions on the aftershow that the decision came down to "an act of mercy" the writing team wanted to give the audience:

We did think long and hard about this as an act of mercy because we love Kate so much. It's almost giving people a week to prepare, to like, let that set in. To let people brace themselves a little bit, you know, for the journey of next week, which we thought was something that was important to do... It was deliberate.

This Is Us fans WILL need a week to prepare considering all the things we've already witnessed regarding Kate and her pregnancy. There was Toby doing his "happy dance" in the bar, the big reveal to Kevin, and the hilariously horrifying moment in which Toby had to tell his mother. It would appear Kate's biggest fear of losing the child after everyone finds out and gets excited is happening.

Unfortunately, it can get even worse from there. Remember that woman Kevin slept with in the episode? The one who was yelling at him from her window after he snuck out on her after their one-night stand? Don't forget Kevin accidentally spilled the beans to her about Kate's pregnancy earlier in the episode, and she specifically asked if that was something she couldn't tweet. Hopefully she's not mad enough to go that low and do more damage to the Pearsons in this time of mourning, but if ever there was a way to make Kevin hurt more right now, that would be it.

This Is Us will pick up on November 21 with Kate's story at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. While her miscarriage was the big moment of the episode, we also saw Kevin break his leg as the final piece of the puzzle leading up to the reveal of Jack's death. Hit up our fall premiere guide for some more shows to check out while waiting for next week's episode. For a look at shows that got canceled in 2017, head over here.

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