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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of This Is Us. Read at your own risk!

As This Is Us fans were teased in last week's installment, tonight's episode revolved around Kate Pearson and her miscarriage, and there were plenty of tissue-grabbing moments to be had. While the bulk of the episode was centered on the sad, the ending left us hopeful as Toby and Kate set the shower curtain back up and resolved to eventually try again for another child at some point. Actress Chrissy Metz expanded on the decision below, and laid out exactly how they will be affected throughout the rest of Season 2 after tonight's episode:

Kate and Toby agreed that they will try again because they're not completely defeated, and when they put that shower curtain up together, that's really so reflective of life in that it's not what happens to you, it's how you react to it. She's trying to move forward positively, but her main priority is really getting healthy -- mentally, emotionally, and physically. And music is still really important to her, and then of course there is a wedding she has to plan. So there's a lot going on, and she's trying to balance it and learn to put herself first and make those deposits in her self-esteem bank. She's showing up for herself and for Toby and the relationship in ways that she never would have been able to before because she's started to process her guilt and her grief.

So while Kate and Toby are both open to trying for another kid, it sounds like it's going to be awhile before we hear about them trying again on This Is Us. As Chrissy Metz mentions to Variety, Kate's main focus is getting healthy, which may be a challenge considering how she reacted to the news of her miscarriage. What at first seemed like a stress walk to clear her head soon turned sinister as Kate found herself at a buffet filling her plate to the brim with things that she would've steered clear from in her dieting days. That's obviously not a road the audience or Kate wants to go back down, so hopefully these next few episodes will allow her to cope with the grief in other ways.

Luckily, Kate has a few things that can keep her occupied in the short term. The singing gig appears to be going very well, and in case any This Is Us fans forgot, Kate and Toby are still going to tie the knot! While Kate is surely still going to be sad, it seems that her head is in the right place for figuring out how she's going to move past this. That pep talk with Rebecca may have paid off for the long run, which is great considering it often doesn't end as well when the two characters interact.

The day long replay isn't over just yet. This Is Us returns with a new episode November 28 at 9 p.m. ET with Randall's recap of the day. For more on This Is Us, read up on some answers Justin Hartley provided to fans after last week's episode, and read more about that heartfelt callback from a couple episodes back. For more on upcoming fall shows, visit our fall premiere guide, and get a jump on what's shaking in 2018 with our midseason premiere guide. For a list of shows that didn't make it out of 2017, visit our cancellation guide.