2 Big This Is Us Questions That Justin Hartley Just Answered

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Following that crazy cliffhanger on last night's This Is Us, Justin Hartley hopped on his Twitter account to answer some of the burning questions posed by fans. In doing so, Hartley revealed some big answers regarding the show's Kevin-centric storyline, especially for those who were interested in what will become of his secret now that Kate's miscarriage has taken center stage. Check out the two biggest answers the actor gave.

Will Kevin Get To Share His Secret?

Justin Hartley wasn't so forthcoming in regards to whether or not Kevin will reveal his drug addiction, but his answer said a bit more than one would initially think:

...We will have to wait and see. Hopefully that window didn't close. It's not possible to fix these things alone.

While not a definitive answer, it does give This Is Us fans something to work with. This tweet tells us that Kevin won't be able to overcome his addiction until he finally brings someone else in on what he's going through. Kevin was about to do just that with Randall prior to finding out about Kate's miscarriage, so we know he is at the stage where he wants to tell someone. Whether or not he'll clam up in light of this new situation, or if he'll find someone else outside the family to talk to, is unknown. Like Hartley, every Kevin fan is hoping he doesn't let that admission window close and continue to keep his problem to himself.

As far as who that person may be is anyone's guess. Randall was the first choice presumably because Kevin happened to be in town; otherwise, he would probably be showing up all disheveled and out of sorts to knock at Kate's door. Kate's current situation makes it seem as though Kevin won't want to bother her with what he has going on, and he's already shut the door on bringing his ex-wife Sophie into the situation. That would leave Rebecca, who has been through this sort of thing before with Jack, and she seems like an alright option; although she might be wanting to spend motherly time with Kate, leaving Kevin out of luck.

Will Kevin And Miguel Spend More Time Together?

There is one other character Kevin could confide in, although it feels like a road he'd rather not go down. It's no secret Kevin isn't the biggest fan of Jack's former best friend Miguel, who is Rebecca's current husband, but he doesn't have a lot of options left. When asked about whether or not Kevin and Miguel were going to have more scenes together in the future on This Is Us, Justin Hartley gave a very interesting response:

...I think there is room for some more Kevin Miguel scenes. Lot to figure out/explore in that relationship.

There certainly is a lot more to be explained between Kevin and Miguel. We know that Miguel and Rebecca got together when The Big Three were all adults, so we can assume Miguel didn't have any meaningful hand in raising them. Still, Kevin appears to be on edge and annoyed whenever Miguel is around, despite Miguel being nothing but nice, so there's something else simmering there. Will a future episode perhaps see Kevin lay out his issues with Miguel, or possibly Miguel helping Kevin get the help he needs?

One thing that seems to be certain is that Kevin needs someone to help him. Miguel may not seem like the best confidant for him right now, but don't forget Miguel was there in Jack's rough and booze-heavy times as well. Miguel also seems to be a kind-hearted guy who could express a lot of empathy. As Justin Hartley puts in the tweet below, when asked if he feels bad for Kevin's situation, Kevin is in a rough spot, and we're speculating maybe Miguel can be the guy to help when no one else can:

Good question. I do feel bad for him. These things don't just go away on their own and it's not something he can figure out by himself. It's a very difficult situation.

This Is Us will pick up with Kate's perspective of that same day on NBC on Tuesday, November 21, at 9:00 p.m. ET. For more fall shows that are worth watching during the coming months, visit our fall premiere guide. For a list of shows that didn't manage to survive to 2018, visit our cancellation guide.

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