Well, the 2017 television year is almost at a close, and, just like every year prior, there were a wide variety of shows that didn't make it out alive. In some cases news that these programs would be ending in 2017 had been announced ahead of time, but, more likely, the shows were either pulled from the schedule never to return or cut loose after whatever season they were on ended. Just because there are more TV shows than ever doesn't mean that all of those shows are extremely successful and capable of lasting until the end of time. (What show is, really, besides The Simpsons and 60 Minutes?) So, let's take a (long) look at everything that's been cancelled or ended as previously announced so far this year, shall we?

Sense8 (Netflix) - Cancelled in June, Ending in 2018

Easily one of the most controversial TV cancellations in 2017, Sense8's first fate-changing announcement pissed off just about everyone within the show's limited-but-steadfast fanbase. The globe-trotting sci-fi drama told a complex and intriguing tale of connection and acceptance that spoke to societal groups that don't often get main-character recognition on TV. And after almost a full month of fan backlash, Netflix announced that Sense8 would get the chance to deliver a proper sendoff with a two-hour "movie" finale to be aired in 2018. It's amazing what TV fans can do sometimes.

Blood Drive (Syfy) - Cancelled in September

One of the craziest shows on TV in 2017, this grindhouse throwback was well-received by fans, although it didn't gain the largest viewership during its single season. Syfy decided to cancel the series before its first season had finished airing, and creator James Roland announced the sad news on the night of the Season 1 finale.

@midnight (Comedy Central) - Ended in August

One of roughly 200,000 shows that Chris Hardwick has hosted in the past few years, @midnight was a game show where the results of the competition were less important than the joke-hemorrhaging hashtags that fans would frequently use after each airing. (Or the spoilers that Robert Kirkman would blurt out.) After 4 seasons, the comedian-filled series met its fate after Hardwick and Comedy Central mutually agreed to call it quits, with Episode 600 being its final one.

The Odd Couple (CBS) - Cancelled in May

Marking the seventh time Neil Simon's play was adapted for screens big or small, CBS' The Odd Couple is the most successful TV show that Matthew Perry has been a part of in his post-Friends career. But this sitcom didn't get either the critical attention or the viewership that Friends did even in its worst seasons, and CBS evicted the well-cast series after three seasons. Though not before keeping fans waiting with bated breath to get an official decision.

Regular Show (Cartoon Network) - Cancelled in 2016, Ended in January

One of the best buddy cartoons to ever get created -- yeah-yuh! -- Regular Show lasted for eight oddity-filled seasons, with Cartoon Network deciding last year to cancel the series, with the then-unaired Season 8 serving as its swan song. It was quite a space-faring way to cap the series off, too, with the super-sized finale ("A Regular Epic Final Battle") airing back in January, complete with Robert Englund reprising the role of Anti-Pops.

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