Still one of broadcast TV's biggest hits, NCIS has been on the air for over 14 years, during which time Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team have met a lot of people while solving cases. Some of these faces became more familiar than most, and if you look back on the CBS show's history, you'll remember numerous side characters outside of the main ensemble who've left their own meaningful impact. Certain folks still appear on NCIS every so often, like Tobias Fornell and Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. But there are many more who haven't reappeared in a long while, for one logical reason or another.

With that in mind, we've gathered together a bunch of recurring NCIS characters who are definitely due for a return after years away. To be clear, all of the following candidates are characters who were still alive when they last appeared, since someone biting the dust on a show like NCIS usually means it's the last we'll see of them. (Although that being said, we do always appreciate when Mike Franks' ghost pops by to have a few words with his "probie.")

Abigail Borin

Abby Sciuto isn't the only Abigail that Gibbs and the gang are chummy with on NCIS. From 2010 to 2014, CGIS (Coast Guard Investigative Service) agent Abigail Borin occasionally worked with the main characters on cases that concerned both agencies. Besides being an excellent investigator, Diane Neal's Abigail was always fun to watch because of her similarities with Gibbs, from the no-nonsense attitude to the love of coffee. Abigail showed up more recently on NCIS: New Orleans, but it's about time that she works with the flagship team again. Not only is her back-and-forth with Gibbs fun to watch, but it would be nice for (relative) newcomers Nick Torres and Clayton Reeves to finally meet her.

E.J. Barrett

Following her time as the special agent in charge of NCIS's Rota, Spain team -- a position originally offered to Tony DiNozzo -- Erica James "E.J." Barrett was introduced in Season 8 as the leader of the agency's new, hotshot Washington D.C. team. E.J.'s teammates, Gayne Levin and Simon Cade, were both killed; the former by Jonas Cobb (a.k.a. the Port-to-Port Killer) and the latter by Simon Cade. E.J. managed to escape both threats that came her way during Seasons 8 and 9, but her experiences led her to leave NCIS behind and spend more time with her family. While we don't expect she would ever permanently rejoin NCIS, it would be great if she's return at least once more, perhaps to consult on one of her old cases. E.J. getting reunion with Tony would be extra-fabulous, but since Michael Weatherly is busy with Bull these days, that's unlikely to happen.

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