Michael Weatherly’s NCIS character Tony DiNozzo is someone so nice that he has to be replaced twice. Not long after one of the drama’s two new special agents was cast, we now know who will take on the other, as British actor Duane Henry has been added to the long-lasting drama for a new role.


First announced last month, this new addition goes by the name of Clayton Reeves. As Reeves, Henry will play an MI-6 officer who landed a government gig by working outside of his blue collar upbringing. It sounds like Reeves will hit all kinds of positive-sounding personality points, as he’s being described as fun and swagger-licious, with a big and possibly strange sense of humor. But don’t let the smiles and laughter fool you, as Reeves is also extremely confident and brings a no-nonsense point-of-view to the job.

It also appears as if Clayton Reeves might not be exclusively into making friends during his stay on NCIS. Apparently the guy has had some problems in the past with burning professional bridges, but he is without regrets or second-guesses about his choices, and believes he was correct in all of them. Expect some heads to butt in the future.

But it’s not exactly clear how much of a future Duane Henry will have as Clayton Reeves. At this point, according to THR, the actor has only been signed on for a recurring role in the final episodes of Season 13, with an option to get upped to a regular by the fall. We know that there are more seasons of NCIS coming over the next couple of years, and I can’t imagine this new agent wouldn’t be around unless there are other plans for him. Don’t you burn bridges already, man.

At this point, it can’t be assumed that either Duane Henry will initially be enough to soothe longtime NCIS fans who will likely be devastated for Michael Weatherly’s last episode. Thankfully, an upcoming episode of the show will put DiNozzo – several of them, in fact – front and center. And we still have more than a month left with him, too, so our TV mourning at least has an adjustment period. Plus, the actor already booked his next role for the upcoming CBS pilot Bull.

Duane Henry has been all over British TV in the past decade. He was a regular on the children’s drama Desperados and the short series The Cut, and was most recently seen on the small screen on the soap Doctors, which he’s appeared in multiple times. If you were paying really close attention to the SWAT team inside the dive bar in The Dark Knight Rises, you’d have seen him there, too.

While it’s not clear when we’ll first see Henry’s Clayton Reeves getting snarky comments out in front of Mark Harmon, NCIS airs Tuesday nights on CBS. Doubtless next season is going to be an exciting season for NCIS fans. A new female cast member is joining, too, both filling the spot after Michael Weatherly officially leaves the series. Click over to the next page for all the details on the other new character.

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