Saturday Night Live: Watch Foo Fighters' Delightful Christmas Medley

While they may not be all that fond of Carpool Karaoke, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters always seem down to perform on Saturday Night Live. The band appeared on the late night sketch comedy show for the eighth time during the Kevin Hart-hosted episode, performing a Christmas medley that featured their classic hit song "Everlong" alongside holiday classics like "Baby Please Come Home" and "Linus and Lucy" from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Check it out!

That performance had to be a little confusing for fans at first, considering "Everlong" is a single off Foo Fighters' 1997 album The Colour And The Shape, and not their newest album Concrete and Gold, which they're currently promoting via tour. Weirdly enough, the band had never played the song on Saturday Night Live before, despite it being one of their most popular hits. Perhaps that's what led the band to lead off in such a crowd-pleasing fashion before transitioning into the Christmas medley. Or it might have just been that the "Everlong" acoustic version transitions so well with "Baby Please Come Home."

Whatever the reasoning was behind this performance's choices, Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters clan absolutely nailed their Saturday Night Live performance with a perfect mix of rock and holiday flair. Not too many bands today can take the stage with Christmas sweaters and still be considered bad ass, but these Grammy winners pulled off the look quite nicely as fake snow fell around them throughout the performance. While Grohl was looking great in his sweater, the Best Dressed Award has to go to drummer Taylor Hawkins, who opted to go shirtless underneath his Christmas vest. Additionally, SNL really went above and beyond with that rocking decorative display in the background which really elevated the performance overall.

Overall, the Saturday Night Live performance may not quite reach the classic level of Adam Sandler's "Hanukkah Song," but it definitely feels like a moment Foo Fighters fans will remember and celebrate in the coming years. To date, the band has never released a Christmas album, so this SNL moment is bound to be ripped and distributed by any rock fans looking to make a playlist for the upcoming holiday. Maybe in 2018, guys?

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