Watch Kristen Bell And Dave Grohl Mash-Up Frozen And Metallica

Kristen Bell as Magnum P.I.

Last night was Halloween, which means a night of costumes and shenanigans--even on the late night circuit. Dave Grohl was dressed as David Letterman as he filled in for Jimmy Kimmel, and his guest, Kristen Bell, also dressed up, donning a Tom Selleck 'stache to play Magnum, P.I. It was going to be a wacky night, regardless, and the two celebrities took it a step further by mashing up lyrics from Frozen with Metallica's famous "Enter Sandman" music and lyrics. Check it out.

During the latest Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Dave Grohl revealed that if he got to "jam" with Frozen actress Kristen Bell, he would become "the coolest dad in the world." Bell seemed honestly flattered to hear that come out of the mouth of the Foo Fighters' frontman, and agreed to jam with him. Sometimes the world gives us really cool things, and in this case, fans of both Bell and Grohl got a mash-up of "Do You Want To Build A Snow-Man?" and "Enter Sandman," dedicated to Violet, Harper and Fifi, Grohl's kids.

The rendition worked surprisingly well, especially when Kristen Bell changed some of the "Enter Sandman" lyrics to talk about a snowman. However, it's the sort of thing you need to see for yourself, so if you haven't watched, get on it already.

Despite being out and about in support of A Bad Moms Christmas right now, Kristen Bell has had a pretty Frozen-oriented Halloween. She laughingly shared an image of herself all dressed up as Elsa earlier this week. (Bell actually voices the other sister, Anna, in the popular Disney franchise.) Combine that with this fun Jimmy Kimmel Live! moment, and it's very clear that it is pretty much impossible for Kristen Bell to escape Frozen. In fact, currently Disney has the short Olaf's Frozen Adventure coming out later this month, and Frozen 2 is already in the works for 2019. Even if Kristen Bell no longer wants to build a snowman, she's going to spend a lot of time talking about Frozen characters in the future.

While we wait for all of the upcoming Frozen adventures, you can catch Kristen Bell in the raunch comedy A Bad Moms Christmas, the sequel to the delightful Bad Moms. That's out in theaters today, so be sure to catch it whenever you can sucker your husband or sister or whomever into watching the kids. To take a look at what else is coming to theaters this holiday season, check out or full premiere schedule.

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