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Warning! The following contains spoilers for those who are not caught up on The Walking Dead! Read and watch at your own risk!

We're a week removed from The Walking Dead's most shocking revelation to date, and fans are dealing with the all but guaranteed death of Carl Grimes in different ways. Some are sad, others in denial, and some are so angry and outraged they're calling for showrunner Scott Gimple's job. On the calmer side of things, fans that are more creatively inclined are making touching tribute videos that will give any Carl fan all the feels upon watching:

Watching this first video really drives home the fact that Carl's death is going to devastate Rick. While that was obvious to most fans of The Walking Dead when it was revealed Carl had been bitten, seeing the journey these two have been on from the start really shows home how much more these two bonded after Lori's death. After watching that tribute video, most fans of The Walking Dead might realize how much they personally have bonded with Carl!

After all, Chandler Riggs joined The Walking Dead at age 10. Since then, a large television audience has watched Riggs as Carl go from a scared but scrappy boy to a brave but sometimes cold man in what feels like a short amount of time. Given that, it's fine to get a little emotional over the future of The Walking Dead not including him. After all, we've seen the eldest Grimes child go through quite a lot in his time on the show, as this next tribute video will show:

This video really did a good job of showcasing just how lucky Carl is to have made it this far. Considering he's overcome a gunshot to the gut and losing his eye in an era where modern medicine is limited to where you're at and what's available, it's a wonder the kid has managed to survive this long! Let's not forget all the random times he used to wander off as a kid, either. Carl could've easily ended up just like Carol's daughter Sophia seasons ago. So, perhaps instead of trying to pressure the showrunner to write Chandler Riggs back into the series, fans of The Walking Dead should just celebrate and be thankful for the time they got with the character.

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