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For its Cult-laden and supernatural-free seventh season, American Horror Story chose to not only tie into past seasons -- most notably through appearances from Freak Show's Twisty the Clown -- but also into real life, with its election plotline. It sounds like the anthology series will revert back to fictional foundations, though, with Season 8 taking on a futuristic setting. But what about that rumored crossover season between Season 1's Murder House and Season 3's Coven that was planned for next year? It's apparently still happening, according to co-creator Ryan Murphy, but we have to wait until at least Season 9.

We're working on it, but that's not going to be [Season 8]...That will probably be the one after that. We've already met about it and outlined it. But it won't be next because some of the [cast members] are not available.

That news from Ryan Murphy is no doubt disappointing to anyone who was already geared up to watch witch-worlds and ghost-worlds co-mingling for American Horror Story's biggest crossover season yet. But at least the justification for pushing it back is as sound as it can be, since the cast members themselves are arguably as important as whatever the storyline is. Especially since the storyline will likely be as batshit crazy as anything else on TV.

In speaking with the crowds at the Television Critics Association winter press tour (via TVLine), Ryan Murphy at least confirmed that the season's overall plot has been outlined, which is a good sign that the main characters are probably all mapped out. (With surprise cameos likely to be worked out later.) But then he knowingly offered no admissions about which cast members are too busy for American Horror Story, which is unfortunate, though there are some conclusions to be made about who he might be talking about. It's probably not Sarah Paulson, who has been part of every season of American Horror Story since the beginning, and is expected to keep returning on a yearly basis, though her career is blowing up on the big screen. The same assumption goes for perma-regular Evan Peters, too. But what about the stars we haven't seen on the show in a while?

Because Ryan Murphy didn't actually touch upon any plotlines, we're unsure if the previously revealed storyline is still intact. Murphy had previously said one Murder House character would cross paths with those who survived the end of Coven, where Cordelia and the younger generation of witches took over Miss Robichaux's Academy, and that other characters from both seasons would be appearing. Could Ryan Murphy actually be bringing Jessica Lange back? Jessica Lange's Constance was the still-living character who got Murder House's final season, and since her head witch was killed off in Coven, that would be a perfect match, right?

Plus, Angela Basset has already talked about wanting to see more of Marie Laveau in the crossover season, assuming the legendary Louisiana voodoo queen can escape her banishment within Hell. And then could we get to see Taissa Farmiga making her return as a lead? Finally, who do we have to sic Papa Legba on to get Lily Rabe back on a longterm basis?

Considering American Horror Story had been renewed through Season 9 before Cult even kicked off, Ryan Murphy & Co. are clearly getting a lot of planning time from FX, so whenever the Murder House/Coven crossover does happen, it will hopefully be incredible. We're hoping that there aren't any further delays for it, though it would be just like this show to make the 10th anniversary season a giant all-encompassing mash-up.

Until we find out more, though, we'll be waiting for Season 8's arrival this fall. Be sure to check out all the other spooky and non-spooky stuff heading to TV soon, too, by bookmarking our midseason premiere schedule.

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