Privileged - Season 1

Premieres: Tuesday, September 9, 2008 at 9:00 p.m.
Network: The CW
Creator(s): Rina Mimoun, Bob Levy and Leslie Morgenstein (Executive Producers)
Starring: JoAnna Garcia, Lucy Kate Hale, Ashley Newbrough, Michael Cassidy, Brian Hallisay, Kristina Apgar, Allan Louis, Anne Archer

Privileged is a new CW series that centers on 23-year-old Megan Smith (JoAnna Garcia, Reba). Megan is a Yale graduate who aspires to be a journalist but finds herself working for a trashy tabloid. On the day she gets fired, she meets Laurel Limoges, a cosmetics mogul who is in need of a live-in tutor for her twin daughters.

Teenaged girls, Rose and Sage are gorgeous, rebellious and not thrilled to have Megan as their tutor but Megan is determined to win them over. The rich life that surrounds Megan in her new job is somewhat of an adjustment though, so in addition to teaching the twins a thing or two, she has a lot to learn herself about how the richer half lives.

What is it with The CW and shows about rich people? First it was Gossip Girl and now the new 90210 and Privileged. Are people that into getting lost in the drama of fictional rich people? Ok, I’d be lying if the premise of this didn’t sound a little bit interesting. Plus JoAnna Garcia is adorable and I can totally picture her in this role. I suppose I just miss seeing shows like Veronica Mars on the network rather than this onslaught of primetime soaps that all seem to have the same theme.

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