Wife Swap - Season 4
Premieres: Wednesday, January 2 at 8 p.m. EST
Network: ABC
Creator(s):Jenny Crowther, Michael Davies
Starring:: Unhappy Wives
Website: ABC.com

Ever wondered whether the grass is greener on the other side of town? Duh. Who hasn’t? In this series, two wives get to check it out when they switch families for two weeks. During the first week, they agree to follow a manual written by the departing wife that sets out the rules of their new household. In the second week, the new wives take charge and get to run the household their way. To make things interesting, the wives are always total opposites -- either somebody out of Deliverance or somebody out of the Hilton's neighborhood.

For example, in the upcoming Season 4 premiere, a mom who caters to her beauty pageant daughter's every whim swaps lives with a feminist mom who home-schools her kids. Gee, wonder what will happen.

I wonder how many of these couples end up getting divorced. Has anyone done a where-are-they-now track of these couples? Because I would think that getting out of your own rut and into someone else’s might make you realize how much you’re missing. Or not.

Anyway, this show just seems stupidly voyeuristic to me, rivaling that show a few years ago where engaged couples went off to a remote island and were tempted by hot-looking people of the opposite sex. That’s not still on, is it?

Anyway, group hug!

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