A lot of people died on television in 2013. Maybe the number of small-screen fatalities are always this high but it sure seems like the past year went above and beyond in the death department. Big series offing two, three even four major characters was commonplace. No one is safe, especially on cable. Here are ten shows that featured some of the year's most memorable and/or shocking losses.

(They are grouped by series so you can safely navigate through those you haven't seen but there are SPOILERS in the write-ups.)

10. Homeland
Kicking off the list of characters who kicked the bucket in 2013 is one who should have died in 2011. Sorry, it's going to be hard to keep the bile down when discussing Homeland and how they finally found the courage to off one of their main characters. And no, David Harewood's David Estes doesn't count in the major character death tally, it took no guts to blow him up at the end of the second season. The passing that actually made a big enough mark to warrant inclusion in a year end list devoted to the departed is that of Damian Lewis' Nicholas Brody.

The way that Showtime's multiple Emmy (and Golden Globe) winning drama said goodbye to their Emmy (and Golden Globe) winning co-lead was easily the most memorable moment of the lackluster third season and had many critics calling it a return to form for the series. Was it enough to save the last year and a half of shoddy storytelling? Not really, but it does leave Homeland in a position where the only place to go is up. Not to diminish Lewis' talent, he's always on top form regardless of the material, however, I can't help but wonder what would have been had Brody blown himself up at the end of Season 1. While it's clear I would rather have included him on a previous year's death-list, the rather shocking public hanging was an exceptional scene and a fitting goodbye to (what was) a great character.

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