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Few TV series over the years have held a mirror up to society quite like Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale did, and the dystopian drama's sophomore season won't be pulling back the reins as it takes on new subject matter that wasn't included in Margaret Atwood's celebrated novel. After seeing some foreboding pics recently, we now have our first fluid look at Season 2 with this new trailer, and it feels as intensely suffocating as ever, thanks in part to an interesting musical choice. Check it out!

Praise be, people. Set to a completely stripped-down rendition of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth," The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 makes its impending presence known in sublime fashion. (Sublime for viewers, and most definitely not for the characters.) And if you thought the trailer looked somehow more dark and dreary than Season 1, then you're onto something, as the cast and crew hinted at the increasingly dark tone during their panel at the TCA winter press tour (via Variety). And some of the other things they noted about Season 2 offer context to some of the images seen above.

For one, Hulu gave The Handmaid's Tale a bigger budget for Season 2 (via Deadline), which means the show will get to expand to the world beyond Gilead, with the story being allowed to explore the second civil war that brought about the creation of this servitude-heavy society. With Offred/June living as a fugitive of sorts during Season 2, and she may be one of several main characters that show up within the "forbidding world" of "the colonies," a location that got mentioned within Margaret Atwood's novel, but was never fully fleshed out. (Note that several story points that were left out of the first season will show up here, meaning some book elements will be introduced as connective story tissue.) Perhaps that place has something to do with those sun-washed locations and that gas-masked person.

Beyond Offred/June, whose pregnancy and motherhood will get more of the narrative spotlight, we get to see most of the other familiar faces from Season 1, from Yvonne Strahovski's Serena Joy Waterford to her husband, the Commander. (He'll be getting his hands dirty, no doubt, since we see him looking set to kill someone.) Aunt Lydia shows up, of course, and I shamefully can't wait to see Ann Dowd once again standing high and mighty within this show.

That's enough about all the terrible folks, though. On the protagonists' side, we thankfully get to see not only Samira Wiley's Moira looking none too handmaid-y, but also the "real" June back with her husband Luke (O.T. Fagbenle) and her child. One can probably assume that reunion isn't what it's shown to be, though, with Offred possibly having a dream or fantasy. We're hopeful for that situation slightly more than for whatever's going to happen with Madeline Brewer's Ofwarren/Janine, who shows up briefly looking as if she's marking someone for death.

Notably missing from the trailer is Alexis Bledel's Ofglen/Emily, whose role has been upped in Season 2, with audiences also getting to meet her wife. And though we don't get a peek of her, Oscar winner Marisa Tomei was announced as a guest star who's set to appear in Episode 2 and will possibly have something to do with the aforementioned colonies, though any details beyond that were nonexistent. We're also looking forward to seeing what's up with the new character to be played by Sydney Sweeney.

The Handmaid's Tale is setting fans up for another season of humbling and terrifying situations, and Season 2 will debut on Hulu on Wednesday, April 25, at 3:01 a.m PT. To see when all the other new and returning shows will be hitting the small screen, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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