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NBC's This Is Us is notorious for making audiences laugh, cry, and cry some more during its season and a half on the airwaves so far. A lot of Season 2 was pretty dark, what with Kevin's substance abuse problem, Kate's miscarriage, Randall's struggles with Deja, and the slow reveal of what exactly happened that Jack died. The last episode before the brief break for the Olympics was a tear-jerker, and fans have had to wonder what kind of emotional ride they're in for in the coming episodes. Executive producer Isaac Aptaker weighed in on what's to come and how it will be different from the first half of Season 2:

It was important for us to come back with a lighter episode [now, though]. We've been so, so heavy! I know a lot of people watch the show to be able to cry, but we also really do try to celebrate life's more joyful moments and lighter moments. So we're coming back after 14 and 15, which were really a two-part story that was incredibly tragic and exploring the immediate grief that comes over a family after a tragic death like that and were just so heavy, with something that's a little bit lighter. We're re-joining the family in a happier time in their lives -- Toby and Kate are getting ready to get married and start this really exciting new chapter. So we're going to Vegas for our first episode back, for Toby and Kate's bachelor and bachelorette parties. It's really, really fun. I think it's been too long since we've seen our characters having fun and enjoying each other. The rest of this season, it's really about building up to Kate and Toby's wedding.

There we have it! Isaac Aptaker's comments indicate that viewers are in for a break from some of the doom and gloom of Episodes 14 and 15, which were the last two before the Olympics break. The issue of how Jack died has been resolved, and we saw the immediate reactions to his unexpected passing. While we can be sure that his death will continue to impact the series and the Big Three, we no longer have to agonize over what happened, and that will allow This Is Us to go in some lighter directions in Season 2.

All signs point toward Kate and Toby's wedding actually happening on the show, if they're getting bachelorette and bachelor parties in Vegas. Hopefully they can get hitched without a hitch after all the heartache in the first half of the season. Interestingly, Isaac Aptaker went on in his chat with Variety to promise that there will be some lightness in the flashback timeline as well as in the present storyline, saying this about the anniversary story with Jack and Rebecca in the upcoming episode:

Those three 10-, 11-year-old kids are beyond adorable in the episode, and it's one of those happy Pearson memories that makes this family so special.

Sure, Jack died in the aftermath of a fire and the family had to find a way to move on from his death, but that doesn't mean his story is over, and not just because there's a whole Vietnam story with his brother that has yet to be explored. There are still happy Pearson stories to be told, and we can expect more of them in the rest of Season 2.

New episodes of This Is Us air on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. If you're still in the market for shows now and in the not-too-distant future, check out our midseason TV premiere guide and our 2018 Netflix premiere schedule for ideas of what to watch and when to watch it.

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