Stephen King's Castle Rock TV Show Just Cast Another IT Star

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Hulu's series Castle Rock isn't just a love-letter to Stephen King and the various books he's written throughout the past few decades. It's a show that has also snatched up a lot of actors from other Stephen King adaptations. Now, yet another actor from a Stephen King film adaptation joins the cast. Chosen Jacobs becomes the second IT cast member to be cast in the show. Jacobs will not reprise his role of Mike Waylon but instead play the son of another character in the upcoming series, Wendell Deaver.

Not a lot of information has been released on Chosen Jacobs' Wendell Deaver, but we have learned from Deadline that Wendell is the son of Andre Holland's character Henry Deaver. That knowledge doesn't add much to what we can speculate about Wendell, as Henry Deaver and every other character in this series remains shrouded in mystery. If nothing else, we can speculate that Henry and Wendell's stories will intertwine with each other and both characters are in for a freaky time when Castle Rock finally airs.

Chosen Jacobs is the second actor from IT to make his way into Castle Rock, as the series had already tapped Bill Skarsgard to play one of the series' leads. Though Jacobs and Skarsgard shared some scenes in IT, its unknown how much face time they'll share on Castle Rock as Skarsgard's character is said to be weighed down with "an unusual legal problem." That said, Stephen King has written children into some rather hairy situations, so one would imagine series creator Sam Shaw will do the same considering all the other nods he's made thus far to King's works in the show's trailers.

Chosen Jacobs' addition to the Castle Rock cast is exciting, but almost no help in revealing what this Stephen King-inspired series will be about. What is known so far is that the series takes place in the fictional Maine town of Castle Rock. Intriguing and well-written characters have been teased, as well as story steeped within the mythology of the work Stephen King has painstakingly created throughout the years. King is intrigued by the project, although he recently admitted he's as in the dark as everyone else about the story given that Sam Shaw created the series.

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