Watch James Corden Butcher Elton John Songs In Front Of The Legend Himself

Elton John appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden recently, though his face throughout his interview makes it look as though he wished he hadn't, as hilariously seen in the video below. Corden, who's always down for a gag no matter how painful it can be, decided to do a rousing edition of "Name That Tune," and forced the Grammy winner and actress Sharon Stone to guess which of John's iconic songs Corden was trying to play, as accompanied by a toy piano. Watch Corden butcher the songs as John looks on, caught somewhere between astonishment and confusion.

That first laugh Elton John lets out as Corden starts aimlessly punching away at the keys indicates one of two thoughts: A. "This is a really funny sketch," or B. "What has my life become?" Either context is hilarious, too. All credit for this bit goes to James Corden, since not many people could strike a straight face while sitting in front of a piano master and bashing keys without the slightest bit of shame. Ultimately John was a good sport about it all, but if we had to guess whether or not he enjoyed the bit as much as Sharon Stone, we'd have to say him trying to stop Corden's performance with rampant guessing kind of says it all.

While Corden was the one with the keyboard, Elton John still managed to steal the show by sliding a sly Stevie Wonder joke in towards the beginning of the video as James Corden stalled between songs, which proved John is just as quick-witted now as he was back in his prime. Even Corden, who's usually pretty good about staying in the no-breaking zone, had to crack a smile when he heard that joke. Sharon Stone laughed as well, but she was a non-stop gigglefest throughout this whole segment, so we can't give John lone credit for that one.

The experience may have been painful for Elton John to listen to, but "Name That Tune," apparently isn't the worst sketch one appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden can appear on. John paid some earlier dues on the series by appearing in a "Carpool Karaoke" segment, and it didn't seem to be the grueling andneverending experience that others had. John didn't seem to mind his time during "Carpool Karaoke" at all, and he even threw on a weird looking lion's mane while singing "Circle of Life.":

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