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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of This Is Us. Read at your own risk!

Fans expected to be amazed, saddened, and even see old Jack during This Is Us' Season 2 finale, but few could've predicted the wild way the series would lay out the major storylines for its upcoming Season 3. Each member of the Big Three got a flash forward that showed where Season 3 will take their lives, and we can safely say we're obsessed with every single reveal. For those who missed it, or just weren't paying close enough attention, here's a breakdown of what was shown, and what it means for This Is Us Season 3.

Kevin Justin Hartley This Is Us NBC

Kevin Is Headed To Vietnam With A Friend

Kevin Pearson apparently did not sleep with Kate's frenemy Madison at the wedding reception. The flash into his future showed Kevin cuddled up on a plane with Beth's cousin Zoey. This Is Us only showed the two having a brief exchange following his speech at the reception, but the body language between the two on the plane indicates they're a little more than just good friends on a trip together. This is especially true given the two are headed to Vietnam, which looks as though it will be a very personal journey for Kevin in Season 3.

Kevin is seen examining a photo of Jack serving in Vietnam, which seems to be the reason for his journey. It's a little odd that Kevin is choosing to explore his father's past with a trip to the place he went to war, but it's the perfect excuse for This Is Us to work in a solid amount of flashbacks involving Jack and his brother during the war. Season 3 appears primed to shed some light on this dark period in Jack's life, and hopefully, Kevin will find something more than answers in his trip overseas as well.

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Kate and Toby Chrissy Metz Chris Sullivan This Is Us NBC

Kate & Toby Are Having Issues

Kate and Toby are seen flying high on their wedding day in the Season 2 finale for This Is Us, but that won't be the case down the stretch. A future scene showed Kate checking on Toby, who looked to be snuggled up in bed and in a bad way. Kate mentioned speaking to a doctor and the physician requesting the two come into the office tomorrow so that Toby's meds can be "adjusted." Is Toby sick?

Toby looks as though he'll definitely be going through a struggle in Season 3, but he doesn't appear to be sick with a terminal illness or anything like that. Earlier in the finale, Toby's mother snuck in a comment about Toby going into a deep depression when his first marriage ended, and that she found him in his apartment surrounded in darkness and covered in a blanket. That description and the flash forward are eerily similar, but Kate is there and supportive so maybe Toby's issues are tied to an underlying condition? Hopefully, Season 3 will bring more answers.

Beth Deja Randall Susan Kelechi Watson Lyric Ross Sterling K. Brown This Is Us NBC

Randall Has A Sticky Situation In The Present And Future

Randall's jump ahead went way further than the other members of the Big Three, as his flash forward picked up with old Randall and adult Tess having a conversation. Randall told Tess that it's "time to go see her," to which Tess replied that she's "not ready." If this flash forward has anything to do with what happened in the final minutes of the Season 2 finale, we're not sure any This Is Us fans are ready either!

Deja is struggling with her mother's leaving, and while it initially seemed as though the child worked her way through her anger (thanks mainly to Zoey), the final moments of This Is Us proved otherwise. The big question is whether or not This Is Us showed Deja destroying the windshield of Randall's car to hint that she's the "her" in the future discussion between Randall and Tess, or it's a red herring? After all, the two could be referring to Beth, who wasn't seen in the flash forward, or the youngest daughter Annie who wasn't there either.

Rebecca Miguel Mandy Moore Jon Huertas This Is Us NBC

Rebecca Finally Got Some Closure With Kate

Rebecca isn't a member of the Big Three, but the Pearson family matriarch deserves some love as a pretty big thing happened to her character in the Season 2 finale. After years of doubt and rough times between the Kate and Rebecca, the two had a heart to heart discussion that drove Rebecca to tears. Kate revealed to her mother that while it appeared as though she was always daddy's girl, there was nothing she wanted or wants more in life than to be exactly like Rebecca was back in the day.

The moment was one of the series' most satisfying payoffs to date, as it shut the door on a lot of tense moments between Rebecca and Kate in the past. Rebecca doesn't have to worry about walking on eggshells around her daughter any longer, and Kate can finally open up to her mother, which is a good thing because it looks like she's going to really need to soon. The resolution between the two also will allow Season 3 to focus more on Rebecca and Miguel stories, which really needs to happen after that old Jack bit.

This Is Us will return to NBC for Season 3, but fans will have to wait a minute to see where all these exciting scenarios are headed. In the meantime, fans can head on over to our midseason premiere guide and check out all the shows that will be premiering in 2018.