Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 2 finale of This Is Us. Read at your own risk!

Fans expected to be amazed, saddened, and even see old Jack during This Is Us' Season 2 finale, but few could've predicted the wild way the series would lay out the major storylines for its upcoming Season 3. Each member of the Big Three got a flash forward that showed where Season 3 will take their lives, and we can safely say we're obsessed with every single reveal. For those who missed it, or just weren't paying close enough attention, here's a breakdown of what was shown, and what it means for This Is Us Season 3.

Kevin Is Headed To Vietnam With A Friend

Kevin Pearson apparently did not sleep with Kate's frenemy Madison at the wedding reception. The flash into his future showed Kevin cuddled up on a plane with Beth's cousin Zoey. This Is Us only showed the two having a brief exchange following his speech at the reception, but the body language between the two on the plane indicates they're a little more than just good friends on a trip together. This is especially true given the two are headed to Vietnam, which looks as though it will be a very personal journey for Kevin in Season 3.

Kevin is seen examining a photo of Jack serving in Vietnam, which seems to be the reason for his journey. It's a little odd that Kevin is choosing to explore his father's past with a trip to the place he went to war, but it's the perfect excuse for This Is Us to work in a solid amount of flashbacks involving Jack and his brother during the war. Season 3 appears primed to shed some light on this dark period in Jack's life, and hopefully, Kevin will find something more than answers in his trip overseas as well.

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