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this is us kate and toby wedding season 2 finale nbc

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Season 2 finale of This Is Us. Come back once you've caught up!

Well, This Is Us just aired its Season 2 finale, and the whole affair, which included Toby and Kate's wedding, was so emotional that fans on Twitter almost couldn't deal with it. The deep, deep feels started very early on, and Twitter made sure everyone knew what those watching were going through:

I mean, really, how many shows are there like This Is Us, which actually makes fans hope that someone will medicate them during episodes simply so they don't have to feel so damn much?

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Apparently, just the anticipation of all the dramatic twists and turns to come were too much for some people:

But, some folks were able to actually wait for events to transpire before they started bawling:

Unfortunately, not all of the strong feelings during the hour were elicited by This Is Us' finale. There were a lot of people who were none too happy about the amount of commercial interruptions during their weekly cry fest:

To see what folks thought of the second half of the episode, head over to the next page!

But, when things were rolling, This Is Us brought the emotions as always. And, as might be expected, fans had strong opinions about being able to see Jack in the present day, even if it wasn't real. Reactions ranged from sadness:

To anger:

To...um...a generous stirring of romantic feelings:

After some doubts, Kate came to some pretty cool revelations about Toby, her dad and even her mother. Her realization about Jack and Toby was especially meaningful for Twitter:

Meanwhile, fans were almost beside themselves when Kate, seemingly, healed the fractured relationship between herself and Rebecca:

The tears flowed, people:

There were even some tears of happiness:

Not to be outdone, though, Deja also brought up some major reactions, and people could see her unnecessary meltdown coming a mile away:

All in all? People loved the Season 2 finale of This Is Us

Even if they're a little bit miffed at the surprises held in the last few moments:

This Is Us will be back on NBC for Season 3 sometime this fall. For what you can catch in the meantime, be sure to check out our midseason premiere guide.