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Horror TV fans are just getting over the finale for Syfy's Channel Zero: Butcher Block and wondering what'll happen with Fox's The Exorcist, among other things, but now there's a potentially exciting new bit of info for everyone to temporarily obsess over. It's possible American Horror Story's Season 8 theme and subtitle has been revealed, and it doesn't sound very safe. If it's real, we might be freaking out over American Horror Story: Radioactive by the time fall rolls around.

Note that this wasn't just some mere word of mouth rumor, or something that was seen on a random Reddit post. It would appear that Twentieth Century Fox recently filed for a new trademark under the name American Horror Story: Radioactive, indicating the company definitely plans on using that title in some fashion in the future. The big question here, of course, is whether or not that title will refer to Season 8 itself, or some other product within the franchise. Check out the filing below.

Let's assume here that this is indeed a new TV season title. It could very easily tie into what we already know about Season 8, which is that it'll take place in the future (though not in outer space). After the bipartisan madness that was American Horror Story: Cult, it's no strain to foresee Ryan Murphy & Co. pitting this country against a modern-day nuclear fallout. Which could lead to a post-apocalyptic set-up in which survivors are fighting for resources, or maybe some kind of a Hills Have Eyes scenario involving a pack of irradiated cannibals keeping a family hostage. Well, I guess that second one kinda sounds like the Polk family from American Horror Story: Roanoke, so maybe that angle shouldn't get used. The Polks were quite a nasty family.

Now, let's assume Radioactive isn't the new title for Season 8. What else could it be? Most shows with this franchise's popularity expand the brand's reach through multimedia releases, such as video games and books, but American Horror Story's anthologized and methodically surreal storytelling doesn't exactly make for easy offshoots. It would be fantastic to get a well-produced nonfiction book tie-in that links off the past seasons together in various ways that haven't all been seen on the show itself. Similarly, I'd drop everything to play through an episodic AHS video game, especially with all the ridiculous plot leaps. Dammit, now i'm kind of hoping Radioactive refers to both a game and a book.

American Horror Story could also easily be producing a series of short web videos meant to tide fans over in the between-seasons hiatus. Or some kind of a breakfast bowl combo meant to be found in your local grocer's frozen food section. But probably not. One thing is for sure: Radioactive won't be the long-awaited crossover season between Murder House and Coven, since we know we'll be waiting until Season 9 to see that one. But will any Mott family members show up here? Or any voodoo queens? Or will this be an all new cast of grossly misguided characters?

We're still six months or so away from a point when American Horror Story will bring Season 8 to audiences, though we're hoping for some thematic confirmation well before then. In the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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