Watch Family Guy's Stewie Talk In His Real Voice Without A British Accent

Family Guy's Brian might get offended by the adage that an old dog can't learn new tricks, just as the show's creative team might balk at anyone who says the animated Fox hit can't give fans new and crazy moments. Cast in point: Episode 301, titled "Send in Stewie, Please," was an full-length conversation between Stewie and his school's child psychologist (voiced by Ian McKellen) that touched upon the toddler's unformed sexuality, and it featured zero commercial interruptions. Beyond all that, the episode revealed Stewie's British accent isn't even his real voice. Take a listen to the real Stewie below.

As it usually goes, Seth MacFarlane had a lot to do in "Send in Stewie, Please" in the vocal acting department, although this was the rare occasion when he only voiced a single main character during an episode. Stewie was an uninterrupted geyser of opinions and observations, going through the gamut of emotions during this often baffling session. Eventually, after letting Stewie hate on Real Housewives' Bethenny Frankel (and sometimes regressing on that hate) and crush on The Flash's Grant Gustin, MacFarlane finally gave viewers the "real" Stewie. And he sounds like a poindexter ventriloquist dummy.

Since Family Guy's earliest days, fans have questioned why Stewie is the only member of the Griffin family to speak with such a distinctly non-American accent, with different theories being formed. (Time travel episodes have dashed some of those theories.) Perhaps thankfully, Family Guy finally addressed the "wh"-stressing elephant in the room by revealing Stewie naturally speaks with an American accent, and that he feigned the Brit-speak in order to feel special.

Fears were raised when the episode made it seem like Stewie would go on with his original voice, which he initially felt happy about. But as soon as he realized the rest of the world would know his real self (literally less than a minute later), Stewie reverted back to his old voice; as well as his murderous personality, which resurfaced when he allowed Dr. Pritchfield to die in order to keep his secrets safe. I'm not sure if I'm relieved or horrified by the last-second reference to Stewie's mental scarring from the ordeal.

So are we better or worse for having heard Stewie's Americanized accent? The episode was something of a polarizing one on social media, so perhaps time will be a better indicator. For me, any time American Dad's Roger makes an appearance, be it visual or audible, it was a good time. But let us know what you guys think in the poll below.

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