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Riverdale recently revealed Betty's long-lost brother Chic doesn't have any relation to the Blossom bloodline, confirming to fans that he is not Hal Cooper's son. The reveal keeps the often speculated fan theory that Chic is the lovechild of a past relationship between F.P. Jones and Alice Cooper alive, and it looks as though Riverdale fans will be getting an answer to whether that theory is true or not very soon. Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed at PaleyFest an Alice and F.P. episode is fast approaching, which means the show could be planning a twist regarding Chic very soon:

This is a big episode for Alice, the Serpents and F.P. If people are interested in seeing more of F.P. and Alice, I think you should watch this week's episode.

Alice Cooper's past as a Southside Serpent isn't new information to the Riverdale fanbase, but an episode that talks about her past with F.P. and as a Serpent certainly would be! With the revelation that Chic is not Hal Cooper's son happening in the episode prior, it's hard to imagine the possibility that F.P. is Chic's father is not at least broached in "The Noose Tightened." Of course, previews for the episode have already shown the Cooper and Jones families will have more problems than baby daddy drama, because that dead body will again cause problems for both parties, so it'll be interesting to see how much of the episode is tied to Alice and F.P.'s past.

The fact that Alice Cooper and F.P.'s past is getting explored in a Riverdale episode isn't exactly concrete proof that fans are going to learn Chic is F.P.'s son, but another member of the show's cast is hinting something interesting is about to go down with Chic. Jughead actor Cole Sprouse teased (via EW) a moment that sounds as though it could be a family affair:

My favorite moment is coming up in an episode; it's a scene between Jughead, Betty, and Chic, which is probably my favorite moment.

Chic has caused problems for Betty since his arrival, but he's steered clear of her relationship with Jughead. A scene that has Betty and Jughead realizing they share a half-brother in Chic would be wild, which is basically the level where this show always operates. Chic is a bit of a loose cannon, so it's easy to imagine a number of scenarios that would make for an interesting moment between him, Jughead, and Betty, but with his paternity currently unsolved, there's at least a chance this is where Riverdale is headed.

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