Spoiler warning for the latest episode of The Walking Dead, titled "Still Gotta Mean Something."

Since coming across Rick's group, Negan hasn't exactly had the most relaxing and pain-free existence. He most recently found himself to be Jadis' unwilling junkyard hostage, and despite being strapped down most of the episode, Jeffrey Dean Morgan once again delivered a performance that made Negan feel like a human being with feelings. It all came across as the calm before whatever rage-filled storm is about to be unleashed at the Sanctuary, and that storm will likely have something to do with whatever mystery character Negan picked up on the side of the road.

Luckily for Negan, Jadis decided to release him back into the world to punish those responsible for killing all of her fellow trash-pile survivors, and all without turning Lucille to barbed ashes. So his return to the Sanctuary was extremely charged even before he found his new passenger, who probably stoked an even bigger fire within Negan, considering that person was oddly nowhere to be seen upon Negan's arrival at the Sanctuary's gates. But who was it that he picked up? Here are a few of our guesses.


Besides Heath, who is likely never coming back, The Walking Dead's most intriguing missing character right now is the Savior Laura, who was last seen in "How It's Gotta Be." In that episode, she learned of Dwight's double-crossing and shot him in the arm before running off, making her a ticking time bomb of extremely dangerous information. Since her return would need to come at the most inopportune time for Dwight, it would make sense for Negan to find her on his way back to the Sanctuary, since her story could possibly make Dwight an even bigger target of Negan's ire than Simon.

And since Laura's news about Dwight would be proof of deception within his underlings, hiding her from the other Saviors (possibly in the car's trunk) would keep everyone in the dark on Laura's current whereabouts. Negan doesn't know who to trust anymore, meaning Dwight would be in for an even bigger surprise than the return of Negan himself.

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