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joan collins benidorm

Few TV producers these days can attract the spectrum of star power that always comes attached to Ryan Murphy's shows, with American Horror Story serving as his longest-running powerhouse. Murphy has confirmed another Hollywood icon will join the anthology hit's ranks, with stage and screen star Joan Collins set to show up for this fall's still mysterious Season 8. Joan. Effing. Collins. Make us proud, American Horror Story.

If you thought that Ryan Murphy would supply a full character biography for Joan Collins' American Horror Story Season 8 entry, I applaud your audacity. Murphy offered up nothing beyond telling THR that he's "throwing in Joan Collins" for the ghastly next installment. But honestly, details would only hamper our exponentially delightful visions of how Collins could and should arrive within this spooky and gallows-humorous universe. Fans have already followed Jessica Lange's Elsa Mars, Angela Bassett's Marie Laveau, Kathy Bates' Delphine LaLaurie and Lady Gaga's Countess (among other roles), so the sky isn't even the limit anymore for what Collins could bring.

The only clue we really know about Season 8 is that it's going to be set in the future, which will be a first for American Horror Story, which has consistently dipped back into the past since its first season. There's no sign of how far into the future it will be, but I won't bet on seeing Joan Collins in any kind of Blade Runner-esque scenario. It seems like Ryan Murphy & Co. would be more interested in something along the lines of an apocalyptic event's effect on society. (Maybe with minotaurs.) However it goes, I will bet on seeing Collins as the formidable head of some group whose utmost purpose is not to be fucked with.

Joan Collins is the first new cast member to be announced for Season 8. The first three cast members confirmed are the franchise-familiar Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates. We're expecting returns from many other actors who have appeared regularly in the past, and Murphy dropped another very interesting tidbit after Collins was mentioned. He is apparently also interested in getting Oscar-winner Anjelica Huston involved for Season 8, though nothing else was revealed on that front. (Make that happen, though, because hot damn!)

With her first big screen roles coming in the early 1950s, in films such as Land of the Pharaohs and The Slasher, Joan Collins was as busy as anyone could hope to be for the next few decades, landing the role of a lifetime in 1981 as Dynasty's Alexis Carrington. She hasn't popped up in the CW's soapy reboot, sadly, but she has kept herself busy in recent years with recurring roles on E!'s The Royals and the U.K. comedy Benidorm, as well as last year's feature comedy The Time of Their Lives. Seeing Collins return to a big and batshit genre project like this could easily be a pop culture highlight of 2018.

Considering so much of Season 8 is still under wraps, American Horror Story definitely hasn't revealed any release dates just yet, but we'll be looking out for that exciting announcement. Expect it to arrive in September or October, though, and in the meantime, head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way.