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The Black Hood has promised bloodshed before the end of Riverdale Season 2, and while some lives will probably be lost, the series just inadvertently revealed two of the series' more minor characters will be safe. Riverdale has also confirmed fans will be seeing a lot more of actress Vanessa Morgan (Toni) and actor Charles Melton (Reggie) in Season 3, who were promoted to series regulars on The CW's teen drama. The news the two are safe from The Black Hood's wrath is welcoming, but what exactly does the series have in store for these two characters going forward?

The future of Vanessa Morgan's Toni Topaz is a bit clearer to see than Reggie, as the latter half of Riverdale Season 2 has firmly established the former Southside high student as Cheryl Blossom's lover. With more Toni coming to Riverdale, fans will be thrilled to hear that also probably means more screentime for Cheryl as well. Toni is currently backing Cheryl in her effort to get emancipated from her mother and take control of the Blossom family house, and if that plan goes through we can't even begin to guess what Season 3 has in store for the couple.

Reggie Charles Melton Riverdale The CW

Reggie has been utilized less on Riverdale than the character has been in Archie Comics in general, but it appears that will change in Season 3. TVInsider reports that Charles Melton, who took over after the first actor Ross Butler left the series, will get a lot more face time going forward. Reggie is typically shown as Archie's rival, and in the comics, is often seen in pursuit of Veronica. Reggie's increased episode count could mean that Archie and Veronica's romance will be on the rocks come Season 3, which seems like a possibility considering the growing tension between the Andrews and Lodge family.

Vanessa Morgan and Charles Melton's increased presence in Season 3 is great news for Riverdale and a sign that the show will dive further into the lives of Riverdale high students who aren't Archie, Veronica, Betty, or Jughead. Of course, fans should still count on a ton of attention being given to the core cast, but adding two more series regulars will definitely help the show find a little more variety in Season 3. Now that Riverdale has confirmed two characters will not meet their end by the Black Hood by the end of Season 2, fans can let their minds go crazy trying to figure out who the serial killer's next victim may be.

Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW. For a look at some new shows headed to television in 2018, visit our summer premiere guide. For more on Riverdale, be sure to read up on the absolutely bonkers role the show's fans were wanting Cole Sprouse's twin brother to play in the series.

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