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Jack Milo Ventimiglia This Is Us NBC

This Is Us is on the road to Season 3, with some fans giddily excited to see the follow-ups for each cliffhanger we saw at the end of Season 2, and others far more concerned. Fans saw Jack Pearson die in Season 2, and with his death now having come and gone, viewers are wondering how much of his story will continue to get focused on going forward. Kevin Pearson actor Justin Hartley put worries to rest as he teased much more Jack coming in Season 3.

I look at it this way... We have that scene where Randall says to Kevin, 'We've been without him longer than we've been with him.' OK, we've only been with him as an audience for 36 hours of his life. So he lived a lot longer than 36 hours. So there is so much to be... I mean, trust me, we could do a whole three seasons about one year of Jack's life that we haven't even seen yet. So I would not worry at all about seeing less of him. In fact, I think Season 3 is gonna be a huge season for that character.

Justin Hartley would know about Jack's impact on This Is Us Season 3 better than most, since the Season 2 finale teased the father and son's stories will intertwine. Kevin was last seen on a plane headed to Vietnam and clutching a picture taken during his father's war days. That tease, combined with promotional footage and past interviews with Milo Ventimiglia, confirmed that Jack's time in Vietnam will be covered in Season 3, with the meat and potatoes of the storyline centering around how Jack lost his brother and fellow squad member, Nicky. One would imagine Jack's story will strongly center on that time in his life, with many heart-wrenching moments that will make tissue sales skyrocket nation-wide.

There's more to Jack's Season 3 story than just that conflict, though, as Justin Hartley told The Wrap. Hartley said he believed there is an additional storyline with Jack that is in no way connected to Kevin Pearson, although he offered no further details on what that other storyline will entail. Of course, fans shouldn't expect any spoilers to leak out from the cast this far ahead, as showrunner Dan Fogelman has run a pretty tight ship in regards to keeping the show's secrets under wraps.

This Is Us fans will just have to speculate on other potential Jack storylines, and take note that it's entirely possible this non-detailed storyline might not even involve Milo Ventimiglia. Season 2 showed a brief glimpse of young Jack and his brother Nicky's rough childhood, so its possible Season 3 might bring fans more historical background on Jack's upbringing. There's also the period of time after the war, before Jack knew Rebecca, which likely holds at least one or two interesting stories that are worth telling.

This Is Us will return to make NBC viewers cry sometime this fall. For more information on other shows headed to television in 2018, be sure to check out our summer premiere guide.