Shadowhunters Showrunner Soothed Fans' Worries About The Series Finale

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Ever since Freeform announced it was cancelling Shadowhunters, fans have been dealing with the emotional fallout from the news. While the show will have time to wrap up its story with the second half of Season 3, the cancellation has understandably left fans concerned that the impending finale will feel rushed. In response, Shadowhunters' showrunner Todd Slavkin is giving fans a little insight and comfort into how the series finale will play out. You can see Slavkin's response to an inquiring fan via the Tweet below:

There is nothing worse for TV fans than a hurried finale and Shadowhunters fans are absolutely justified in their concerns. Skepticism is only natural, and sadly for the series' following, the only way for them to know for sure if the series ends the way they wanted it to is after they have watched the finale. By then, it is too late to change course and fans have to deal with the aftermath.

For his part, Todd Slavkin is assuring fans that they will be satisfied with how the show wraps up. Given that showrunners are usually fans themselves, Slavkin's assurances are a positive sign. While Shadowhunters' cancellation is bad news, the silver lining may lie with Freeform giving the series' creative powers the ability to conclude the story with an extended season. It is the least that can be done in situations such as these.

Freeform ordered an additional number of episodes for Season 3B so the series could be drawn to a close. That decision took the original ten-episode order up to twelve, presumably so Shadowhunters could be wrapped up in a manner that did not indicate the sudden cancellation of the series. Tying up a series with a limited amount of episodes is not a task any fan wants to see a show undertake. One of the most important aspects of concluding a series involves suitable and unhurried closure.

Based on Shadowhunters showrunner Todd Slavkin's tweet, viewers should expect to be left with a satisfying ending, even if they're still very dissatisfied with the decision to cancel the series. For their part, Shadowhunters' fans are still rallying to save the show. The cancellation was an economic-related decision on the network's end. It is a tragic reason for a show to be cancelled, especially since Freeform expressed no issues with the show's creative direction or its ratings performance. Unfortunately, fans have a wait in front of them before they see how the finale is handled. Shadowhunters' final season will air next year.

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