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After years of smaller-scale crossover moments, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk are finally giving American Horror Story a full-blown mash-up when the Murder House and Coven seasons are brought together for Season 8. While some regular AHS cast members are confirmed to return, many others are still up in the air. However, Coven lead Emma Roberts teased her return as mega-bitch Madison Montgomery, which preceded Ryan Murphy's reveal that all of the the show's witches were being asked to return. So could we actually see Jessica Lange's long-awaited American Horror Story return in Season 8?

While the immediate go-to answer in years past would have been "it's less likely than Constance Langdon giving up her smoking habit," Season 8's crossover structure could possibly tip the scales in a more positive direction, even if it could mean a much more fleeting presence for Lange than we've seen in years past. The actress' head witch Fiona Goode was Lange at her most devilishly cold and calculating, and even though the character died and was banished to hell by the end of the season, that's hardly a reason for her to be kept out of Season 8. After all, Madison also died during Season 3, and more than once. So who's to say Fiona can't make a return, possibly in reference to a particular house where ghosts frequently reside?

Ryan Murphy made his highly intriguing reveal while doing some live tweeting for the latest episode of his FX drama Pose, and it wasn't too long before the tweet was deleted, according to Deadline. It's hard to tell why he would have deleted it, since nothing said there necessarily goes against what fans would have already been assuming. Of course the producers are going to try to bring back all of the former cast members for Season 8's future-set narrative, regardless of where their characters ended up; it's just the American Horror Story way.

It's possible that Ryan Murphy didn't want to spark these kinds of conversations, where Jessica Lange's potential return gets more focus than the actors who are definitely coming back. Such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Kathy Bates and more. Fans were already hyped up on getting Lange back whenever new cast member Joan Collins signed on, and this news only makes us want it to happen more.

Following her disturbing turn in American Horror Story: Freak Show, Jessica Lange stepped away from the horror anthology, passing the series lead torch to Lady Gaga (for one season) and Sarah Paulson. In the years that followed, she expressed little interest in going back into the madness, although Ryan Murphy has never lost the hope that he could convince her to return one day. Could Season 8, with its potential for both Fiona Goode AND Constance Langdon to appear, be the one that finally loops Lange back in? And are there any voodoo queens around that could help make it happen?

American Horror Story has yet to reveal its Season 8 theme and subtitle, but you can bet they'll be coming soon, possibly for San Diego Comic-Con. While waiting for it, check out Emma Roberts' teaser post on the next page, and then head to our summer premiere schedule to see all the other new and returning shows on the way.

Dressed as if she's already set to return to Miss Robichaux's Academy, Emma Roberts addressed American Horror Story fans in a pretty familiar way in her Instagram post.

To see Jessica Lange's Fiona putting Madison in her place again would be a TV dream come true, so here's hoping Ryan Murphy & Co. can make the stars align for all the cast members' returns.