The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs Reacts To Andrew Lincoln's Upcoming Exit

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Andrew Lincoln's exit on The Walking Dead is the biggest news to come from the series ever since Chandler Riggs' departure, so it's only fitting fans are curious as to what Riggs thinks of his TV dad exiting the show. Riggs recently commented on Lincoln's exit during an interview and admitted he was just as shocked as everyone else by the news, but at the same time understands why the actor made the decision:

Of course, yeah. I mean, Andy has been on the show for so long, and he's had to leave his family every single year. So I was surprised, but at the same time, it's gonna be good for him to get back to his family and raise his kids. It's gonna be good.

Chandler Riggs sounded happy for Andrew Lincoln moving on from The Walking Dead and mentioned how good it would be for the actor to get home and back to his family. Lincoln, who married his wife Gael Anderson back in 2006, has been working on The Walking Dead since 2010 and making the trip back and forth between London to see his family. Riggs can likely appreciate having extra time for family, as Season 9 marks the first season he hasn't had to block out a large chunk of his time for the show.

Chandler Riggs could only offer his opinion on Andrew Lincoln's exit, as the actor told Good Morning Sacremento he had not spoken to Lincoln since the announcement. In fact, Riggs stated that it's been a good while since he's talked to his former co-star, who seemed to have kept his secret about leaving from quite a few people who are involved in The Walking Dead. Riggs said this about whether or not he'd spoken to his former TV dad about the decision to leave the show:

I haven't, actually. I haven't talked to him in months.

Fans of The Walking Dead may be devastated to hear Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln aren't sending each other texts on the daily, although it's completely understandable they haven't talked as much now that Carl is out of the series. Hopefully, the two do link up eventually though so the world can like and share the hell out of whatever Instagram photo the two take in the midst of their reunion. Any publicist that may be responsible for something like that take note: a picture of the two scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef would be optimal. After all, who wouldn't' want to see Rick Grimes surrounded by coral?

The Walking Dead will be airing Rick Grimes' exit on AMC sometime this fall. Fans who need something to watch to take their minds off of how far away that feels at the moment should hop on over to our summer premiere guide.

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