Roseanne Barr's Return To TV Might Be Happening Sooner That We Thought

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Roseanne Barr and her actions that led to the cancellation of Roseanne have made for some of the major television stories of 2018, and the stories might still continue. Despite the news that Barr recently cut ties with the franchise so a spinoff The Conners could keep the show's cast and crew employed appeared to be the end of this tale, the actress is now making it sound as though her return to television might be happening sooner than we all thought. Barr claimed that she's already received offers to appear on television following the controversy and that she might soon accept one show's offer:

I've already been offered so many things and I almost already accepted one really good offer to go back on TV and I might do it. But we'll see.

Roseanne Barr claimed she's received several offers to appear on television since her controversial tweets, and there's one that she's really considering taking part in. Barr didn't give any details regarding which programs have extended an invitation to the actress, so it's unknown if she's referring to actual scripted shows similar to Roseanne, or talk shows and news programs that would want her on as an interview, host, or commentator. Whatever the case it sounds as though Barr is considering that offer, and could be heading back to television possibly even before the year's end.

Of course, Roseanne Barr's statement to Rabbi Shmuley's Podcast is hard to verify, as there are no notable programs publicly making it known they want her on board. If there are, and the show is a scripted program, its cast and crew are likely staying silent due to the backlash Barr continues to receive for her controversial tweet that got Roseanne cancelled. Additionally, celebrities in showbiz are all but convinced Barr sank her career with her latest controversy, which makes the allegation that she's been offered several television appearances a little hard to believe.

As mentioned, however, Roseanne's statement is only difficult to believe in the capacity that she's being offered new scripted shows or sitcoms to make an appearance on. One would assume a Barr interview was quite a hot commodity in the weeks following Roseanne's cancellation, which would explain the several offers to appear on television. It's also worth mentioning that the actress has a solid camp of supporters who believe she didn't mean her comments to be offensive and would still be willing to watch a television show that featured her. Of course, with Barr not revealing any details regarding these potential appearances, both pro and anti Roseanne fans will just have to wait and see if she'll appear on their televisions in the near future.

CinemaBlend will certainly have the details should Roseanne Barr's return to television be announced, as well as lots of other relevant television news. Keep up with what's coming to television over the next few months by visiting our summer premiere guide.

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