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Smallville's Lex Luthor Breaks Silence About Allison Mack's Alleged Sex Cult

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Allison Mack's involvement in an alleged sex cult rocked national headlines a few months ago in a scandal very few people saw coming. Mack's involvement even came as a shock to her former Smallville co-star Michael Rosenbaum, who recently broke his silence about the controversy and shared his thoughts on what's being reported. The Lex Luthor actor said he'd chosen to stay quiet for so long mainly because he's still shocked that it happened, and recalled his time with Mack on the set of the show:

It's funny because I've chosen not to talk about it only because it's so shocking and all I can say is this: When I was on that show, Allison was the sweetest, most professional [person]. She was just a great girl, a great actress. I remember she was a part of something, and it was different than it was now. But I remember her mentioning something, there's this organization or something, or whatever, I didn't listen to it.

Michael Rosenbaum gave the impression that Allison Mack was the ideal co-star, and there was little to no indication she was up to anything like what's been reported the past couple of months. While Rosenbaum spoke highly of Mack, he also brought up a memory he had of her mentioning an organization she was involved in at the time. The actor said he didn't listen to Mack's pitch all that intently, mainly because he thought it sounded "a little culty," but ultimately didn't think much of it at the time.

Michael Rosenbaum added afterward that he didn't spend a lot of his free time with Allison Mack while filming Smallville, and said they hung out maybe two times in the seven years they were on the show together. Rosenbaum attributed that mainly to the age gap between them, and not because he suspected she was up to anything shady. The actor again talked about his surprise regarding Mack's arrest, and his apprehension towards openly condemning or reacting in any definitive way towards the news rolling out:

It's like someone said, 'Hey, your brother killed somebody,' and you're like, 'No, he didn't. I know my brother. He wouldn't kill anybody.' So, to me, seeing this, it's still bizarre, it's like I want to hear the whole story. [It's] yet to come out, but I think a lot of the story is out there now and it's just shocking and surprising.

The actor capped off the conversation on This Past Weekend by saying "You don't ever really know someone." During Smallville, Michael Rosenbaum thought Allison Mack was a smart, well-rounded and cultured co-star who would eventually have a stable life and a good family. Whether he believes Mack is guilty of what she's been accused of or not, Rosenbaum seems certain of the fact that you can never truly know another person.

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