Smallville's Allison Mack Has Been Arrested In Relation To Sex Cult

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While the public has seen every type of celebrity scandal, there are certain ones that rise to the top in regards to sheer insanity. The following is one of those. Around 6 months ago actress Allison Mack, who is best known for her starring role in Smallville, got some seriously bad publicity. A report indicated that she was a member of an alleged cult, and was actively recruiting women into the group. This was obviously a major shocker for her fans and former co-stars, and now things have taken another very serious step forward. Mack has been arrested in connection to the sex cult.

This bombshell news comes to us from NBC, which has been monitoring the situation from New York City. The FBI reportedly arrested Allison Mack in Brooklyn with charges relating to the group known as NXIVM. She's being investigated for helping to organize NXIVM, and for recruiting young women to join the group.

Alleged cult leader Keith Raniere was arrested in Mexico and recently returned back to the states last month. It seems that NXIVM as a whole is being investigated by the FBI, and Allison Mack is reportedly known as one of Raniere's most trusted associates.

When news about Allison Mack's possibly involvement in the sex cult became public months ago, it was certainly a shocking revelation. Plenty of her former Smallville co-stars have spoken out in response to the controversy, especially actress Kristin Kreuk. Following the revelation of Mack's involvement, there was a second rumor that Kreuk was also a recruiter. She's since wholly denied these accusations, an example of how tensions related to NXIVM are at a fever pitch.

Allison Mack is perhaps best known for starring as Chloe in Smallville, but she's done some other TV work recently. After popping up for one quick episode of FOX's The Following, she ended up having a four episode arc in NBC's short lived thriller American Odyssey. She most recently voiced the character Evelyn Gale in Amazon's Emmy winning animated series Lost In Oz.

While NXIVM claims to be a marketing organization, reports of the group being a cult have surrounded it for quite some time. The group as a whole has also been accused of engaging in blackmail, sex trafficking and forced labor. The New York Times published a harrowing expose about NXIVM, specifically focused on the horrifying treatment of female members. The report indicated a secret sisterhood of women who were forced into sex work for the group, even branding the women with Keith Raniere's initials.

Obviously Allison Mack is innocent until proven guilty, but her recent arrest no doubt speaks volumes in regards to how her life will be changed in the coming months. The legal process has been known to be long and grueling, and because of her notoriety and fandom, all eyes will be on Mack's continued time in the spotlight.

CinemaBlend will continue to update you on Allison Mack's allegations and legal proceedings.

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