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As This Is Us heads into Season 3, the show's creative team is set on giving audiences completely new storylines to obsess over and cry about. One of the most anticipated new arcs involves the experiences Milo Ventimiglia's Jack had during the Vietnam War, which will introduce (and presumably kill off) his brother Nicky. And now we know who will be playing the younger sibling, as I'm Dying Up Here star and Will & Grace recurrer Michael Angarano has been cast as the newest tragic member of the Pearson clan.

The big news was revealed by the show itself on social media, and while the post didn't get millions of people invested like the show's weekly episodes do, you can be sure that fans were pumped to find out about Michael Angarano's casting.

At this point, the powers that be at This Is Us and NBC are keeping a tight lid on what we can expect from Michael Angarano's Nicky Pearson, so we don't have much to go on by way of eager speculation. But one can assume Angarano will get to rock the same long locks and facial hair that he's currently flaunting for his role as Eddie on Showtime's stand-up comedy drama I'm Dying Up Here. Granted, it might be a little more rough-looking, since it's Vietnam and all.

To be expected, the actor was enthusiastic about landing this high-profile new job.

This Is Us will get to travel down new paths in Season 3, now that Jack's death storyline has been completely exhausted. And Jack's tour in Vietnam is a major one, considering it'll be the first flashback to take place in a completely different country during a major international conflict. (We can also expect to see more from Beth and Deja, as well as the earlier days of Kate and Toby's relationship.) The show even tapped Vietnam War journalist Tim O'Brien as a consultant for Season 3, to help make the war storylines as convincing as all the sob-worthy family plots, so he'll probably be talking to Michael Angarano quite a bit about that chunk of the story.

With a career that started back in the mid-1990s -- one that involved playing young versions of main characters in films like Almost Famous, Seabiscuit and The Extreme Adventures of Super Dave -- Michael Angarano landed his first big break with the teen superhero film Sky High, and capitalized on it with a slew of roles in plenty of different films in the following years. On the TV side of things, a recurring role in 24 Season 6 was followed by a starring role in The Knick, as well as a return to Will & Grace as Jack's son Elliot. Most recently, he's starred in I'm Dying Up Here as the Boston comic Eddie Zeidel, and has appeared on CBS' Mom as Christy's classmate Cooper.

This Is Us is set to kick off Season 3 on NBC on Tuesday, September 25, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our fall premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows that are on the way soon.

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