NCIS: New Orleans Just Cast A New Character That'll Give Agent Pride Some Hell In Season 5

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NCIS: New Orleans went through some big shakeups at the end of Season 4, and will apparently be shaking things up even more in Season 5. Not long after news broke that the show would be introducing a new character in a supposed effort to replace Percy in new episodes, it's been revealed that a former Grimm actor is joining up with the team as well. Reggie Lee will join the show in a major recurring role as Steven Thompson, and he's going to be giving Agent Pride some hell when the new season kicks off.

Steven Thompson will be Assistant Special Agent in Charge when he arrives on NCIS: New Orleans, and all revealed information so far shows Reggie Lee's character will exercise the rights that come with his title to the fullest. Specifically, Deadline reports that Thompson will take issue with how Scott Bakula's Pride prioritizes his workload, as well as the way he does his job in general. It doesn't sound as though Thompson will go easy on Pride, despite the fact that he took quite a few bullets at the end of Season 4.

Reggie Lee's casting as Steven Thompson is a part of the casting shakeup NCIS: New Orleans has been in the midst of, as the show is supposedly still on the hunt for a female actress to play a series regular. Both castings come following the departure of actress Shalita Grant, who played Sonja Percy. Lee's presence, while recurring, will certainly help fill the void left by Percy and keep tension within the series high while he plays the role of what sounds like a meddling middle-man.

Grimm fans know Reggie Lee well enough; the actor played the snarky Sergeant Wu in the fantasy series. Lee spent seven years portraying the Lycanthropian cursed law enforcement officer in addition to various other roles in Hollywood as... a law enforcement officer. In short, he's more than prepared to slip into the shoes of Steven Thompson on NCIS: New Orleans and likely won't need much prep work on police-speak and other things a less seasoned actor would need to get used to. It's not just a great fit for NCIS: New Orleans, but for fans as well, and we here at CinemaBlend are celebrating this great casting news with a joyous N'awlins jazz gif:

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NCIS: New Orleans kicks off Season 15 on CBS Tuesday, September 25 at 10:00 p.m. ET. For a look at when the other NCIS shows return or just some more information on upcoming shows, be sure to head on over to our summer and fall premiere guides. For more on NCIS: New Orleans, read up on the show's recent behind the scenes drama that resulted in a producer's suspension.

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