NCIS: New Orleans Producer Now Suspended Over Toxic Work Environment Claims

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It's been a bit tumultuous over at CBS lately, as the network has dealt with allegations of sexual misconduct against CEO Les Moonves. Now, we've learned that the network is continuing to deal with issues, as NCIS: New Orleans Executive Producer Brad Kern has been suspended following allegations he created a toxic work environment back in 2016.

Reports this week indicate that Brad Kern has been suspended from duties. We previously knew he was being investigated for a third time after the network felt the need to revisit claims from 2016 alleging the producer created a hostile work environment. At the time, Brad Kern was the showrunner on the series. He was later removed from that position and replaced by Chris Silber as showrunner. Two previous investigations were undergone in 2016, and Brad Kern was returned to work after those investigations in a producing capacity. Now, CBS has opted to open a third investigation with "outside counsel" in order to cross its t's and dot its i's.

During TCA, CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl elaborated on the situation with Kern, noting (via Fox News),

I believe in terms of keeping him out of the workplace during the investigation, that was to be as fair and open as we could be. The investigation is ongoing. I'm told we will have results soon. I believe that decision was made actually before the investigation, he was going to be a consulting producer this season.

Back in December of 2017, a report was issued about Brad Kern by Variety shedding light on the allegations and the internal investigations CBS had done with Kern back in 2016. Clearly the issue with the NCIS: New Orleans executive producer has not died down in the months following the initial report, and Kern has been suspended while a third investigation is ongoing. Kern also said that CBS follows investigations by the book. Complaints go through HR and sometimes outside counsel, adding, "we take everything seriously at CBS." He also spoke about the network's track record with work environments, saying,

I think if you look up and down the vault at CBS, you'll find a very safe environment. We have over 40 shows in production, and the vast majority of those shows are excellent sets where everybody is very happy and everybody is very safe.

In the meantime, it's business as usual over at CBS as fall TV starts to go into full swing. NCIS: New Orleans has already been picked up for Season 5, and we already know that a new female agent will be introduced into the fold. She'll be replacing Shalita Grant, who departed from the series in Season 4. We'll let you know as soon as CBS makes a decision about Grant's replacement, and we'll be sure to keep you updated as the third investigation against Brad Kern wraps up. For now, you can take a look at what CBS has coming with our full TV schedule.

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