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This Is Us Season 3 has been reported to be the series' most ambitious season to date, and it wouldn't be ambitious without some twists and turns fans never saw coming. Just as fan speculation was starting to simmer down regarding the upcoming future story arc, creator Dan Fogelman is getting fans all riled up. In fact, after he shared a recent Season 3 image, people have begun brainstorming some great theories again. First though, take a look at a less grey-haired William holding a baby:

Right now the most popular response to Dan Fogelman's photo on social media is a This Is Us fan wondering if Randall has a sibling he doesn't know about. After all, we know that's not Randall, otherwise, it would be Jermil Nakia and not Ron Cephas Jones portraying his father. It's certainly plausible William fathered another child after giving up Randall and pulling his life back together, although why he wouldn't tell his son about that sibling in the time he stayed with him is a bit of a mystery. That said, it wouldn't be the first time a parent has kept a secret that big from Randall, so skeptical fans shouldn't dismiss this shocking Season 3 theory just yet.

Speaking of sneaky parents, another This Is Us fan suggested that this baby is either Tess or Annie and that Rebecca made a secret trip to William to show him his granddaughter. This theory sounds more plausible than the secret sibling theory, although that's largely because fans know Rebecca kept in contact with William throughout a large part of Randall's life. Additionally, we know Rebecca is good at sneaking around behind her son's back and keeping secrets, so we're pretty certain she'd get away with a stunt like this with no one realizing it.

Another plausible This Is Us theory is that this is a daydream and that Randall is imagining William being present for the birth of one of his daughters. Season 2 featured scenes where William imagined himself being a part of Randall's childhood, so it's entirely possible the show shot some quick scenes like this that show Randall thinking back on the memories he wishes he shared with his biological father. Really the sky's the limit for speculation, as Dan Fogelman dropped the photo without context and is probably chuckling and reading comments because fans have no idea what is actually going on. Whatever ends up happening, we're sure it'll end in some fans shedding a tear or two.

Answers regarding Season 3 of This Is Us aren't that far off, thankfully, as the NBC drama returns to television Tuesday, September 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Great television is coming back en masse, and audiences who have no clue what's coming up can visit CinemaBlend's handy summer and fall premiere guides for details! For more on This Is Us, check out who the show found to play Jack's brother in Season 3.