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The Good Place is back on NBC at the end of September, and viewers will get to see how each human does with their second chance on Earth. A first look at the premiere has popped up online and, among other things, it shows Michael saving each formerly deceased member of the group from their respective fates. Put simply, it's forking amazing:

After a brief recap of the Season 2 finale, The Good Place unveils yet another place in the afterlife that's occupied by a new character called "the Doorman." This guy (played by guest star Mike O' Malley) apparently waits at the door to Earth and is in possession of a key composed of the very first atoms in the universe. We're sure that's going to come into play at a later date, but for now, Michael is unconcerned with the revelation and simply thrilled that he gets to ride a bus for the first time as he goes to save Eleanor, Chidi, Jason and Tahani.

Michael is then seen hopping across the world and saving everyone from their embarrassing and slightly hilarious deaths, thus confirming Michael Schur's statement that there's no trickery this time around, and everyone is getting a second chance on Earth. Some had assumed that was the case already, but with Jason and Tahani not making a real-world appearance in the Season 2 finale and the number of weird twists this show manages to cook up, it never feels like anything is guaranteed. Michael successfully returns to the afterlife and, after witnessing all the wonders that mankind has created, is thrilled he discovered a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell of all things.

The Good Place scene must take place sometime before Chidi and Eleanor meet up again, as we all know Michael travels back to Earth after Eleanor's accident to prod her in Chidi's direction. We're pretty sure Michael will be doing a lot of interfering like that in the future, especially if Jason continues to make dumb decisions like locking himself in an air-tight safe with a snorkel. The big question is if Michael's meddling will go unnoticed by the Judge, who only granted the second chance on the grounds that the group was never given a full lifetime to change their sinful ways. The experiment is effectively tainted by the interference, so if she does find out, it's possible she'll squash the entire thing. We're hoping she doesn't, although it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for more episodes to feature the gang hanging out in The Bad Place!

The Good Place Season 3 premieres with a one-hour premiere on NBC Thursday, September 27 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep track of all the big shows returning over the next few months with our fall premiere guide.

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