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There's a Crazy Rich Asians TV show in the works over at ABC. No, the cast of the highest-grossing romantic comedy domestically in nearly a decade is not reuniting for a television spinoff of the smash hit film. That said, the network is ready to capitalize on the success of the movie sensation with a new show. While it is still in the early stages, the Alphabet network is looking to bring a series to the small screen that has the potential to appeal to fans of Crazy Rich Asians. Here is what we know.

ABC has given Jessica Gao a script-plus-penalty commitment for the single-camera comedy. The young project originally pitched with a title, although THR's report indicates it has been dropped. The now-untitled script revolves around Janet Zhao, a first-generation Chinese-American woman with a family she finds "crazy, exhausting." Hence, she has been trying to keep them at a distance her whole life. While Janet has attempted to set healthy limitations between herself and them, a turn of events is about to throw her entire world upside down. And it serves as the genesis for the story.

Janet's wealthy grandmother passes away and names her as the sole inheritor to her fortune. Thus, thrusting Janet into an unwilling role -- that of her family's new matriarch. Given that she has spent her life trying to avoid her family, this news will undoubtedly bring them closer together. And it definitely makes for a compelling basis for a television show. With a family to draw from it sounds like there will be no shortage of rich characters to bring to the screen.

It is in the early stages, so time will tell if ABC picks the show up for good. Due to how early it is in the process, the plot is pretty much all that was mentioned in the report regarding the series. Therefore casting news, episode counts, and a potential premiere date are not on the table quite yet. As mentioned earlier, the show hails from Jessica Gao, the now Emmy-winning writer behind Rick and Morty's "Pickle Rick" episode, which earned the award for Best Animated Program.

Crazy Rich Asians fans will have to wait and see if this new television series gets off the ground and dominates TV ratings, the way the movie has dominated the box office. There is a lot of reason to think it has that potential given the relativity of the projects. The storylines are quite a bit different, albeit both deal with the dynamics between a rich family.

ABC is home to the comedy Fresh Off the Boat, which stars Crazy Rich Asians' leading lady, Constance Wu. That show is about to return for its fifth season in October. Thankfully, there are a lot of new television series set to premiere this fall, which should keep fans of ABC's lineup and others occupied.

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