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Matt Murdock is alive, and could be heading to Netflix for his Season 3 adventure sooner rather than later. This potential news came after a tweet from Netflix Thailand was released, which featured the Daredevil scene shown in the post-credits of the Season 2 finale of Iron Fist. The account gave a brief summary of Matt's monologue, followed by a statement that the series would premiere on Friday, October 19.

The news, if accurate, means that Season 3 of Daredevil is a little over a month away. That's much closer than we originally thought, as Netflix and Marvel's continued ambiguity about when it was arriving had some believing the premiere was still further away. We may never know why the premiere date was shrouded in secrets, but that's not important now, provided this date Netflix Thailand tweeted out is real and also the date the series arrives stateside:

Netflix hasn't confirmed or denied the information found in the Daredevil tweet, which means there's always a chance the Friday, October 19 release date is bogus. International arms of streaming services and networks have provided misleading information in the past and could be out of the loop due to them being further away from the corporate home base. On the flip side, this wouldn't be the first time a foreign network has accidentally leaked something by mistake, so the prior argument has just as much against it as it has going for it.

There's also the timestamp on the tweet, which, at the time of writing, shows it's been up on Twitter for around 24 hours. One would imagine if this Daredevil Season 3 release date was legit, Netflix would've deleted the tweet as soon as word began to circulate of its existence. On the same token, deleting anything on the internet is more or less a fruitless effort and would lead many to believe the date is legitimate. Unfortunately, over-analyzing really only complicates the situation further, as the only thing it makes clear is that nothing is certain until an official statement is released.

One thing that's probably true is that Netflix U.S. did not intend for Netflix Thailand to tweet that out either way. If the date is legit, one of Netflix's official accounts could've just blown weeks of cryptic teases and marketing, and Netflix and Marvel now must decide whether to come clean or pretend it never happened. If the information is incorrect, Netflix then has to either dismiss the tweet and listen to fans' continued skepticism regarding its dismissal or potentially disappoint fans if they reveal the actual release date of Daredevil Season 3 is even further out. Either scenario sounds like the type of headache no one at Netflix wants to go through, although that might be unavoidable at this point.

Netflix is officially set to release Daredevil Season 3 sometime in 2018, and any tweets suggesting specific dates are simply rumors at this time. For some solid information on upcoming new and returning shows, and where to find them, check out our fall premiere guide.