Criminal Minds Is Giving Rossi Some Romance In Season 14

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We already knew that Criminal Minds was planning to get more personal in Season 14 and thanks to showrunner Erica Messer, we now know how much more personal. Because when you think of a character's personal life, you often think of romance. So, it is only natural that curiosity would fall on whether there would be love in the air for Criminal Minds' ensemble. Well, Erica Messer has shared some insight on their romantic prospects saying:

Well, Rossi has Gail O' Grady back in his life. She [played] the infamous Wife No. 3 that he was married to for 36 hours, by an Elvis impersonator, and in the second episode we see that they still have a thing going on -- and then, ideally, by the end of the season they're giving it a go again. You know how I'm a sucker for my backyard weddings! So we might be leaning towards that.

Rossi and romance? Sounds like a robust match! Erica Messer's red-hot romantic tease to TVLine does present fans with a bit to unpack. First and foremost, it seems as though it will be a slow burn between Gail O'Grady's Krystall Richards and Rossi. Whether that flame leads to another trip down the aisle for the former spouses will be intriguing to learn. Fans will not have to wait long to see Rossi resume his romance with his former wife.

Criminal Minds will be re-introducing Krystall in the second episode of the series' currently slated fifteen episode run for Season 14. There is something about reunion romances that always brings a certain sweetness with it. With Rossi's romantic life getting a bit of the spotlight, fans may be wondering if any other of the show's other characters will also get to feel the love. Well, it sounds as though there is good news on that front too.

Criminal Minds' showrunner also revealed that Rossi would not be the only character to experience an enlivened love life in Season 14. Erica Messer also teased that Paget Brewster's Prentiss will meet someone during a harrowing upcoming episode. That said, she did not give away whether that meeting will lead to anything long-term for Prentiss. It is a positive move in that direction though! Love has to start somewhere and what better time than Season 14?

Maybe, if the heat is as memorable as it was between Krystall and Rossi in Season 13, Prentiss' potential love interest could end up sticking around. Regardless, Erica Messer's teases hint at a huge season ahead for fans of the crime drama. The show will not be holding back when it kicks off its fourteenth installment with its 300th episode. Among the things planned is bringing back one of its most notorious villains. Fans will have to tune in to Season 14 to find out how it will all play out.

They do not have much longer to wait! The 300th episode and fourteenth season premiere of Criminal Minds will premiere Wednesday, October 3 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. The crime procedural is among a highly anticipated slate of new programming set to arrive on CBS, along with other series coming this fall.

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