Damon Wayans Booked His First Non-Lethal Weapon TV Role

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Damon Wayans recently announced his plans to exit the action drama, Lethal Weapon, which is currently in the midst of its third season. In his remarks, Wayans stated that he planned to leave following Season 3's first 13 episodes. Following some good news from Fox that could extend to 15 episodes, Wayans has, in the meantime, booked his first non-Lethal Weapon television role. That's right, the actor will be guest starring on another series, a network away.

As it turns out, Happy Together is not only the name of CBS' freshman sitcom. It is also an apt description for the on-screen reunion that is set to take place between Damon Wayans and his son. Wayans Sr. is set to guest star on his son, Damon Wayans Jr.'s, comedy series, per EW. In a neat casting move, the Wayans will be playing father and son on the sitcom. Here is what you need to know.

The episode is titled "Like Father, Like Son," and it will center on Damon Wayans' Mike visiting his son, Jake. Mike's visit comes as Jake is trying to keep the romance alive in his and his wife's relationship. She is away on a business trip in the episode. It sounds like grounds for a terrific comic set-up. Not much else was spoiled in the synopsis regarding the dynamic between the father/son duo, but a still from the episode teases an upbeat reunion between them.

Damon Wayans' episode of Happy Together airs October 29, so there will not be a super long wait between hearing the guest star news and seeing the episode. While Wayans' future at Lethal Weapon is not entirely clear, his guest spot on his son's series is far more so. Maybe if things do not work out with the Fox series, Wayans could end up starring on Happy Together full-time.

Curious minds will have to stay tuned to find out if Wayans ends up staying with Lethal Weapon. While things seemed doubtful at first, the order of additional episodes, changed things, as the news that Damon Wayans will reportedly star in them hinted he would remain a little longer than previously expected.

Lethal Weapon has not been renewed for a fourth season yet. The ratings for the show have been alright, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds. An actor with a vibrant and long-running career, whatever happens, Wayans is destined to land somewhere. For now, it seems as though he will finish out the now 15-episode, third season of Lethal Weapon.

Damon Wayans can be seen on two shows in October. New episodes of Happy Together air Mondays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS. You can also watch Wayans on Lethal Weapon, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Don't forget to also look through our fall premiere schedule to see when your favorite shows are airing.

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