Lethal Weapon Season 3 First Look Introduces Seann William Scott's New Character

Fox's series Lethal Weapon has been in a period of flux. In fact, the show nearly got cancelled following some allegations that series lead Clayne Crawford had some issues on set. However, the production made a move to replace Riggs on the series instead, and this spring we learned that Seann William Scott would be joining the show as new detective Wesley Cole. If you'd like to check out what the new guy is bringing to the show, you can take a first look at Season 3, below.

The first look at Lethal Weapon Season 3 certainly shows more of the Goon side of Seann William Scott's personality. After being admonished by Roger Murtaugh about taking his "new partnership seriously," we get a quick shot of Detective Wesley Cole taking down a baddie in swift fashion. The new clip also ends on a more comedic note as Cole ribs Murtaugh about his age. Murtaugh getting "too old for this shit" has been a common theme in the series so far, and it looks as if that dynamic won't be changing, even if Wesley Cole is a far different character than Martin Riggs overall.

Obviously, this clip leaves some questions to be answered. Technically Season 2 of Lethal Weapon ended on a cliffhanger, as we didn't know either Riggs' or Clayne Crawford's fate on the series at the time the season wrapped up. The preview doesn't make it clear if they are killing the character off or maybe just sending him to Texas with Molly and Ben, which is how it looked as if Season 2 would wrap up before Riggs was unceremoniously shot in the chest. The show is definitely waiting to explain to fans how that will pan out.

Luckily, Seann William Scott's new character, Wesley Cole, isn't a complete mystery. We learned a few months ago that Wesley Cole likely won't have any relation to Martin Riggs at all, which means that Lethal Weapon will likely begin navigating away from the structure and formatting of the original movies the series is based on. Detective Wesley Cole is expected to be a war veteran who fathered a son with a woman named Natalie Flynn, who will be played by Maggie Lawson. Cole will move to the Los Angeles area to be closer to his son. Shenanigans in the detective department will likely ensue.

Obviously, there are a lot of changes coming to Lethal Weapon Season 3. Fans really seem to have shown up for the balance of Riggs and Murtaugh on the series during previous seasons. However, Lethal Weapon Season 3 is moving forward, and fans will either need to get on board with the new amalgamation or bail. Perhaps the show will even pick up some new audience members along the way! Only time will tell, but if you want to check out the new amalgamation, you can tune in when Lethal Weapon returns to the schedule on Tuesday, September 25 at 9 p.m. ET, only on Fox. You can find out when your other favorite shows will be premiering with our fall TV schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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